How Sam used magnetic closure boxes

Custom magnetic closure packaging

Sam was happy with the order of custom magnetic closure boxes he secured for his client. Sam runs his packaging and printing firm. He is an honest man who leaves no stone unturned in helping his clients. Sam loves making a profit, but he never cheats for a larger share. He tries to give an aim suggestion to his clients based on his experience, the skill of his expert staff, and the trend forecasting of the various industries. Last week he received a call from his college buddy Claire. Claire and Sam had graduated together. They both had taken up executive classes for master’s in business together before starting their setups in life. Claire wanted to discuss a few things with him, and so she invited Sam for dinner.  Sam did not know that he would have a large order for these boxes before this dinner was over.

The best thing about Sam and Claire was that they still found time for each other no matter how chaotic the schedules were. When Sam arrived, Claire showed him a showcase of gemstones. She was starting a brand offering customized gemstones. She wanted to launch premium jewelry items. The customers had a vast range of jewelry items in which they could use stones of their choice. Claire hated the mundane packaging options in jewelry. She wanted me to suggest to her something as remarkable as her statement jewelry pieces. Sam asked Claire if she had heard of printed magnetic closure boxes. She had not. Sam explained to it made her that printed boxes from the finest and sturdiest cardboard stock. Sometimes individuals even mistook them as wooden boxes but, they are cardboard-based packaging boxes. They have clasps of a magnet embedded in the lid and the base for the auto-shut mechanism.

What magnetic closure packaging offered to Claire?

When Sam showed Claire some samples of magnetic closure packaging boxes, she squealed in delight. She told Sam this is exactly what she had in mind for her statement jewelry pieces packaging. Claire completed the order and asked Sam to connect her with his most proficient graphic designer. Within three days, Claire had concluded the artwork for the magnetic closure packaging she had ordered from Sam. Sam explained the pros and cons of every add-on to her. He guided her to choose the best ones as Claire was targeting a niche market with her products. Although Claire wanted a matte look, Sam suggested she opt for the fluid-like finish of Spot UV to add more glamor to her boxes. Claire wanted her customers to know how to store the product appropriately. So, they used the inner lid to print care instructions for the customers.

Sam explained to Claire how boxes are deal boxes for her customers to store their jewelry items. Because they are sturdy, they protect the jewelry items against effects and other damaging factors. The internal layering of the boxes keeps the mint condition of the jewelry items.

Perfection in custom magnetic closure boxes

Manufacturers of magnetic closure boxes in USA have designed these boxes in all sizes and dimensions. Some boxes are multi-tiered as well. These custom magnetic closure boxes are used for packaging a collection of products. They used premium printing techniques on these boxes to make them appear attractive. Most prestigious brands opt for leather or wood layering on the exterior of these boxes. As soon as the recipients lay eyes on these boxes, they are excited to record the entire unboxing experience and share their images. To get perfect boxes for your set of products, get in touch with California’s ClipnBox printing and packaging firm.

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