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How Physical Therapy Can Treat Your Chronic Pain

If you are one of those 100 million US citizens who suffer from pain. Then you can agree that living with pain is no joke. But, so that you can cope with the good days and bad days with your pain. You can still do a lot to improve the days and reduce the bad days. Physical therapy can help treat and manage the severe pain you need without harmful surgery or medications.

Physical therapists treat pain in many ways. They may strengthen muscles & joints. And also assist you to move and manage your regular activities. In a way that does not add to old injuries or put you at risk for new ones. They may treat inflammation and identify the movement dysfunction that’s at the core of much chronic pain. Finally, physical therapy can re-educate your nervous system to be less sensitive to pain symptoms. Let us learn about some physical therapy and remedies that can reduce chronic pain.

Patient Education

Your physical therapist can’t be with you 24/7 to make sure you perform your exercises correctly, move in ways that protect you from re-injury. And make the best lifestyle choices to support your recovery from chronic pain. But that’s OK, because part of physical therapy is empowering the patient to take charge of his or her own recovery, through patient education.

Patient knowledge can help you understand the value of physical therapy. For example, these Southern Michigan pain counselors say that it is important to understand the root of the problem in order to choose the best treatment for pain. One in 10 adults in the United States, approximately 23.5 million people suffer from chronic pain. Being a teacher in pain management gives you a better understanding of making good life decisions in the future; This can help you decide what activities to include in your daily exercise routine, what type of food to eat, what activities and exercises to avoid, and what is the best way to do it. Take full care of yourself so that you feel less pain. Physical therapies can teach specific techniques for movement and daily activities, how to increase the intensity of regular exercise, help control your muscles and help change steps, such as improving your daily routine. 


physical Therapy

Some physical therapy works are passive, which means that the patient relaxes only when the physician rotates or stretches one or more parts of his body. Some exercises are active, that is, the patient has to do it with his or her own strength. To strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, support joint mobility, and increase the flexibility of joints, all exercises may be necessary to strengthen the muscles around traumatic injuries.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapies, also known as bodywork. According to the name therapist doing this therapy using his own hand. Manual Therapy may include massage, which promotes healing by reducing pain, relaxing muscles, and speeding up blood circulation. Soft-tissue mobility can be used to enhance scar mobility around the joint with scar tissue, avoid tension, treat edema, and identify myofascial adhesions or fibers of muscle tissue that have lost elasticity. Direct manipulation of the joints could be used to restore alignment and improve efficiency.

Hot and Cold Treatments

Hot and Cold therapies include the use of heat or cold on the painful area to lessen inflammation, relieve pain, and enhance healing. This therapy can include.

  • Use hot packs to warm moisture in the painful area. Enhance circulation, relax muscles and relieve pain.
  • Use of hot or cold whirlpool baths to better blood circulation and control inflammation.
  • Use of ultrasound to apply deep inner heat to muscles, bones, and tendons.

Many physical therapists can treat chronic pain without any surgery or medication. If you are experiencing chronic pain, do not give up. With the right treatment, you too can enjoy life without pain again.

An important fact to keep in mind about physical therapy and chronic pain is that each person may react differently to therapy.

People have different types of lifestyle, bodies, different types of patterns of movement & habits also. New U physical therapy and their trained therapist can monitor each person and try to help to improve their improper habits & movement patterns. For more info call us at 718-502-5271 or visit our website.

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