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How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost In 2021?

Conversion Cost In 2021

So, you have your mindset on taking out a loft extension in your home. It is a really nice place to live, the place where you can put up all those nice furniture and it even has its very own balcony which adds to the grandeur of the place. So now comes the question of how much does a loft conversion cost in 2021? This is actually an easy one to answer as there will always be a standard element when it comes to property costs. You might be surprised to know that a brand new loft extension at your home will cost you around one thousand pounds in today’s times.

Loft conversions are indeed a costly affair, but then again so are all major home makeover undertakings. This involves spending time and money on drafting, architects, building contractors, masons, and the list goes on. All of these people and businesses charge different rates for their services. But, if you shop around you will be able to find a reasonably good deal for the work that needs to be done and this will save you a lot of money.

Loft Conversion Cost in 2021

So, the question still stands, how much does a loft conversion in London cost in 2021? The answer of course depends on how big your new extension is going to be and what you want to be done with it. The more detailed your planning is the cheaper all your materials will be.

When talking about the cost of a loft extension you need to remember that there are three different types of conversion that can be done. The first is the open extension. This is the most economical way to go but it means you have to do a bit more work yourself when it comes to getting everything up to the ceiling and the crane has to be hired.

Get Your Owned Extension

The second is the uPVC loft. This is a more traditional way to convert your loft but there is still some expense involved. There is also the issue of cranes as well as people who will have to do the work too. The final type of conversion is the handle sash conversion. This is the cheapest way to go about converting your loft but you do have to hire out the work. It is also true that if you get a good deal it will be cheap enough to fit into your budget.

Hire A Professional Company

No matter how you want to get your extension built there is going to be an initial cost that comes out of your pocket. If you have the ability to make the construction yourself then this can be much cheaper than hiring a company to do it. Also, it may be possible for you to save money by doing the work yourself. Knowing how much does a loft conversion cost in today’s market can help you determine if you can afford this type of thing.

You should also ask about all the benefits and extras that are included with this type of conversion. Some of these include better insulation and heating and lighting. There are also windows that can open and close so you can get airflow through your loft area as well as having natural light to come in. This is all information that can help you with figuring out how much does a loft conversion cost in today’s economy.


The best way to learn how much a loft conversion cost in today’s economy is to use a website that can help you make calculations. Just enter your loft measurements into the calculations and then see what the total price of the project will be. Sometimes you can find things like special offers and financing options that can make the price of conversion go even lower. Also, consider the many perks of having one of these conversions done. They include easier access to the top floors, easier maintenance, and more space in the basement or attic.

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