How Manufacturing Process Automation Can Help Improve Production

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Every business craves profitable success. It’s quite a hard nut to crack in an already saturated, competitive industry like manufacturing and production. especially the newer in the business. But, the same holds true for the old ones if they are not paying attention to the new technologies and the rapidly growing trend of digital transformation. Manufacturing Process Automation can help you.

If you are a manufacturer and want to take a leapfrog to quickly drive increased production and thereby sales and profits, then process automation is the right solution. Manufacturing ERP systems have now become standardized tools in the industry, which ensures seamless process automation along the production line.

Not only for the increased sum of production runs, but the application of process automation in the manufacturing industry also ranges from robotic arms for large-scale manufacturers to inventory management through enterprise resource planning software for small-scale manufacturers.

Is Automation a Threat to Your Employees?

With the decreasing employment rate, automation assumes to be no less than pouring oil on the flames. However, it’s no longer a threat to your employees because it doesn’t usually replace them, but help them improvise and get their jobs done faster. Manufacturing process automation using an ERP system allows the workers to focus on more important tasks instead of wasting their time on monotonous jobs like data entry and management using spreadsheets, or converting RFQs into sales orders manually.

Well, let’s get the things quite clear here that automated manufacturing systems, aren’t not only meant to increase your production line efficiency in a cost-effective way. It’s not limited to improved production runs, but also helps in automating your sales and purchase orders, inventory and warehouse, supply chain and marketing, and even shop floor management and, a lot more to help you achieve your business goals. With the best ERP software solution, pretty much everything manufacturing and production-related can be automated to improve your sales and profit margins.   

Now, as you know that automation isn’t a threat to anyone, but brings ease in everyone’s life running or working in the manufacturing industry, let’s delve straight into process automation in this very industry without further ado. And, see how it can benefit the manufacturers for increased production and revenue generation.

What’s Manufacturing Process Automation?

As the name implies, automation in the manufacturing processes is to systematize all factory operations with minimum human intervention, using robotic tools or production management software. The implementation of any such technology helps improve the reliability, efficiency, and speed of nearly all tasks such as order processing, assembly, quality control, inventory and shop floor management, etc., that were previously handled by humans. Even you can do production planning and scheduling with these tools.

Process automation has quickly become essential in the manufacturing industry. The majority of the manufacturers have adopted process automation tools to improve their shop floor’s productivity as a primary strategy for increased production and ROI.

What Makes Manufacturers Shift Their Focus to Process Automation?  

No rocket science, it eases their business operations by improving workers’ efficiency and production line’s output.

Whatever process automation system you tend to use as a discrete manufacturer, small or large, it will help you in.

Cost Reduction:

As a manufacturer, you need a tool that can ease tracking your inventory movements, WIP (work in progress) costs, and shop floor operations, which allow you to adopt lean manufacturing techniques. This is where an automated manufacturing tool like MIE Trak Pro steps in. Automation helps reduce overhead costs because it allows you to manage and monitor multiple projects at once – bringing you more profits.

Improved Quality:

Manufacturers produce items in bulk and therefore, it becomes more critical to manage and monitor product quality. Process automation through an ERP solution provides you real-time data on your products so that you can refine your production, eventually improving product quality. You can easily figure out poor quality components in your proceeds, and make necessary material replacements to ensure flawless quality.    

Reduced Waste:

Production waste, be it related to materials, time, or resources, in your manufacturing business will eat up your revenue. Automation helps you in waste management so that you can make the maximum use of time, materials, and other tangible and intangible resources, in turn improving your production line’s efficiency, Hence, you can generate more revenue.   

Quick Response Time:

When to start or halt production of a specific work order is vital to manage your order fulfillment rate. It could only be done when you have real-time data of your stock levels. It will allow you to decide whether you need to order more material, or if you can immediately start production with raw materials and components in your inventory. A manufacturing process automation software not only helps in this regard but helps you quickly respond to customer orders and develop your master production schedule (MPS).  

Compensates Labor Shortages:

Since manufacturing process automation tools will help you perform multiple tasks related to different aspects of your business, you can easily manage your workforce. You can easily make up for the deficiency of skilled labor. Moreover, it’s quite cheap to use considering the benefits you can reap from it. Once implemented across your organization, you can easily overcome all challenges regarding skilled labor and their shortage.  

Affordable & Easy-To-Use:

To scale your business and get more control of production processes, you need cost-efficient, straightforward, and simple to use ERP software – providing seamless process automation for improved productivity and increased profits.      

The benefits of process automation extend way beyond these points. What’s More!

  • Reduced labor cost
  • Increased labor productivity
  • Centralized database
  • Elimination of data errors
  • Deceased manufacturing lead time
  • Accurate material procurement
  • Improved shop floor efficiency

Not automating your production processes will cost you high. It makes process automation crucial for your manufacturing business – resulting in increased savings because of auto-handling and monitoring your production.    

In a nutshell, use ERP software for manufacturing that will help you automate all your business operations, in turn improving production and growing revenue.

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