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How Does the Online Lottery Make Money?

Lotteries are one of the most lucrative forms of online gambling in the world. It is curious how online lottery operators still manage to run a business despite offering insanely huge jackpot prizes.

Today, OKBet will examine the economics behind online lotteries and how they manage to earn a huge profit.

How Do Online Lotteries Operate?

Just like any form of business, online lotteries operate using the cycle of revenue and expenses. The operator sells online lottery tickets, and the ticket is the product. The money generated from online ticket sales is also being used to fund the operation.

Who Makes The Call In Online Lotteries?

Since online lottery operators are state- or government-owned and operate exactly like commercial operations—with the exception of paying shareholders and advertisers—they are public in nature.

Governments own state online lotteries, so there would be regulations on how the game operates. The state decides what online lottery games to offer, the costs of the tickets, prize amounts, prize distribution, and how prizes can be claimed.

Typically, the government-run media outlets handle the advertising and promotion of online lottery ticket sales and 4D results. However, some online lottery operators pay advertisers to promote the online lottery across all media platforms.

What Is The Economics Behind Online Lotteries?

State online lotteries run just like private businesses; they earn from the sales of online lottery tickets and offering services, and the earnings are also being used to pay the daily operational costs.


The majority of the money earned by online lottery operators comes from revenue from online ticket sales. Depending on the online lottery, the gross revenue comes from the online tickets earned from regular online lottery tickets and scratchcards.

If the online lottery jackpot prize is $1 million, the online lottery operator will also release a million online tickets. The money that came from the online ticket sales will go directly to the online lottery operator. However, the revenue will also be used for several expenses.

Costs: Operational Costs

Obviously, from the revenue, the online lottery operators will use a portion for the operational costs of the business. The costs include advertising, employee salaries, printing of online tickets, property, utility bills, and administrative expenses. Online lotteries typically deduct 27% of the revenue for operational costs.

Costs: Prize Money

A huge chunk of revenue is typically used to pay the winners in the online lottery system. Prize money payouts come in varying levels, with the biggest one belonging to the grand prize in the 4D result. Typically, online lotteries deduct at least 50% of the total revenue to be used for prize money.

Profit for Allocation

Once the operational costs and prize money payouts were deducted from the total revenue, the remaining money became the profit. Then, the state will use the profit to fund government projects such as infrastructure, education, healthcare, and charities.

How Do Online Lotteries Make Profits Despite Huge Jackpots?

If you take a look at the advertised amounts of jackpot prizes for online lotteries, you may be wondering why they do not make losses. The secret lies in the power of probability governing these online lottery games.

Just like any form of online gambling, the odds are always in favor of the online lottery. The sales generated from the online tickets increase revenue, but the operators heavily regulate the payouts. In reality, only a small portion of revenue is being used for payouts.

Even if someone wins the jackpot prize in an online lottery, online lotteries do not give the whole advertised amount to the winner after they win. Usually, the winner receives the winning amount in portions in the form of installments, and they are paid annually. Besides, winning the jackpot prize is difficult.


As a player, you might think that the bigger the prize the 4D Singapore online lottery operators set, the bigger the losses they could make. However, like you learned from this article, it is all about business strategy and price control.

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