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How do you make a virtual fair interesting?

We all have attended at least one virtual fair in our life. And many people have lots of memories of the fair. Not only children but adults also enjoy visiting fairs. Every year hundreds and thousands of fairs take place. And there are different types of fairs all over the world. Some are for entertainment while others for conducting trade and business. Let’s talk about the latter ones. The most prominent example of them is Exhibition fairs and trade fairs. These fairs are crucial for many people as well as for industries. They help us to understand the latest trends in the particular industry. Or provide a platform to brands to showcase their new products. Also, they are helpful for consumers too.

But last year, the world became standstill by the outbreak of the pandemic. And this halted almost every human activity. This included social gathering. So organising an event was not possible. And this raised challenges for many people. So they took the help of technology and hosted virtual fairs. A virtual fair is basically the digital version of the fair. And it aims to provide an experience similar to the physical events. A virtual fair is organised on dedicated platforms called virtual event platforms. These platforms offer a 3-D and immersive experience to the attendees. As the number of virtual events increased, it became difficult to attract people and stand out from the crowd. So the need is to make your event exceptional. But how can one make their virtual event engaging? Simple, By following using these methods.

Ideas to make your virtual fair attractive

  • Gamification

You cannot imagine a fair without games. And this is true for virtual fairs also. Generally speaking, gamification is the most popular way to engage your audience. People love to play games, so use this thing in your favour.  There are multiple benefits of using gamification in your fair. Firstly, people who are waiting for your event to begin can play games. Also, those who are feeling bored can play games. Using this method, you can retain them for a more extended period. In other words, you can engage your audience with the help of games. For this, you can link online games to your event. Or you can come up with your own games.

  • Networking

Along with gamification, networking is another popular way to hook attendees at your event. And since many people attend events to expand their network, you should provide tools for networking. And what can be a better place for meeting like-minded people than a fair? Also, people in trade or exhibition fairs are actively looking for potential connections. Some of the popular networking tools are networking lounges and B2B meeting scheduler.

  • Live chats

Live chats help the attendees to chat among themselves or with speakers and guests of the event. They can chat in real-time. And there are multiple advantages of this feature. First, you don’t have to engage with the audience by yourself. This means you can focus on more pressing things. Also, it helps the attendees with networking. You can provide a native chatting feature. Or you can provide support for third-party applications like WhatsApp and Zoom. Don’t forget to present the option of all chatting methods – text, audio and video.

  • Pollings

Another marvellous way to engage the audience at your virtual fair is polling. Polling works in two ways. First, it lets you know the preference of the audience at your event. Secondly, it engages the audience. And along with that, it makes the audience feel that their opinion matters to you. So conduct polls at your event.  Usually, polls contain 1 or 2 questions. But you can conduct multiple Polls to keep the excitement level high.

  • Surveys

Surveys are similar to polls. But the surveys contain more open-ended questions. Also, they are not restricted to MCQ type questions. And also, they provide a deeper insight into your audience’ preferences.  Surveys help you to understand the audience at your event. What are they thinking? Or what are their expectations with your event? Also, how is their experience at the event? And so on. Not only this, you can get the feedback of every individual at your event. This information can be used to make the next event more impactful.

  • DIY Booths

You are hosting a virtual fair, and what can be more significant than the exhibitor’s booth? So to make your event attractive, you need to have an attractive exhibitor’s booth. For this, you can provide the exhibitors at your fair with the option of decorating their booth by themselves. This feature will allow exhibitors to choose from various colours, banners, functionality, icons, symbols along with video recordings, pictures, or even PDF. Different and colourful exhibitor’s booths will attract more people. And compel them to visit these booths. Also, this will help the brands to use colours, icons and designs that are part of their image.

  • Live Q&A

To maintain the level of excitement in your event, you can host live Q&As. This will help you to engage your audience. And you can directly communicate with the audience at your virtual fair. Alternatively, you can hire staff for addressing the queries of the people. These queries can be about the event or platform or the guest and so on. Remember, the high number of questions means many people are interested in your event. So try to address as many as possible questions. And clear the doubts and confusion of the attendees at your event.

  • Leaderboard

The leaderboard displays the score earned by the attendees at the event. You can use it to engage the audience at your event. Also, you can ask the attendees to do specific tasks to earn a score. For instance, ask them to visit different places on the event platform to score points. And with the help of the leaderboard, you can direct your attendees to the sponsor’s booth. This will help you to promote the sponsors at your event. Apart from this, you can ask the attendees to post about your event on social media. Using the relevant hashtags. And those with the most number of likes, share and comments, will score the highest points. And so on.

We hope that this article will prove helpful to you. So tell us about your favourite method to engage the audience at the virtual fair.


Mayra Shaikh

Mayra Shaikh is a Senior digital marketer with over 5 years in the Tech Industry. She has a strong marketing and sales background and loves to work in multilingual environments.

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