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How Do You Decorate A Living Room With Candles?

Living rooms are the heart of the house. Interior designers today have found intricate and complex ideas to embellish art in every room of the house. Since antiques and vintage ornaments have held massive attraction in the eyes of artists for centuries, they are still in trend. Candles, one of the luxurious elements in the room, can illuminate it beautifully. Living rooms and candles are a perfect pair if you arrange the decorations with trend and elegance. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you accessorize the living room with candles. 

The Candle Lanterns

One of the prettiest ways to arrange marble candle is in a lantern and hanging candle holder. A collection of lanterns in metals and glass in different sizes with golden candles can appear perfect for indoor and outdoor party occasions. Hanging candles have a way of spreading the light more than the ones on the table. You can put on many lanterns hanging around, stacked with hooks on the walls or randomly arranged on different small tables. You may paint the glass-cased lanterns so the light comes out in different colours.

Party Table Candle Arrangements 


As birthday parties are mostly in living rooms for the guests to gather, you can create a creative table just of candles to set aside for photography and theme. Instead of plain candles melting to wax, you can fill up small glasses with candle wax and light it up. The different glass sizes with coloured candles will look neat and perfect for bridal showers and birthday parties. Glasses are safer to hold candles than holders are with long dinner candles.

DIY: One of the creativity you can opt for is to melt a shade of crayon in molten wax when you fill the glasses. Many multicoloured candles on the table will appear adorable for a birthday occasion. Similarly, while you arrange a living room with senior guests instead of children, you can melt a few petals of lavender or add essential oils to the molten wax for fragrance. Use mason jars to pour beeswax and paraffin wax in.

The Candle Corner 

The corner trend looks picture-perfect on many sweet occasions. Half logs as natural tables and forest woodcuts in halves can be candle placers. Arrange steps of hundred candles big and small covering the entire corner. Pearl white silk ribbons and laces can create a decent image of gold-lit candles. Creativity can get the best of you when you place unique candles in tall glasses and square glass cases. Furthermore, embellishing the corner with LED fairy lights and the dim glow of candles can appear magical for any occasion you want in a living room. 

Aromatic Candle Setting 

The fragrances of chamomile, peppermint, rose, and lavender is most famous among candles. The laces and jewels on the aromatic candles make them the best in a bunch. Light the candles in the middle of the grand table height large to miniature candles around the table for decoration. You can place original flowers for effect as well. Match the aromatic candles with the theme and light all of them at once. You can arrange a line of candles of the same size on the fireplace shelf with socks hanging down at Christmas time of the year. 

The Other Elements with Candles 

You can add a dozen metal-cased floating candles in water dishes filled with miniature glazed stones and marbles. You can set the glass dish in the centre of the main table with candles big and small gathering around. Laces and ribbons are an old favourite among decorative items. You can place a tablecloth on the dining table and place large ribbon bows from edge to edge. Putting up vases, frames, gifts and bottles around the candles can further add a delicate touch to the theme. Twine threads wrapped around the candles, ancient postage stamps stuck to the candle can create a vintage effect. You can match old photographs and Polaroids for a birthday theme. Lighting incense sticks along with traditional candles look mesmerizing as well. Pebbles, one-line art frames, bouquets along the staircase or arranged upon the corner coffee table can look resplendent seen from any angle. 

Candle Light Holder 

Trends of pure glass cases and bowls with large white gardenia scented candles are among the most favourite. Matching black and white themes with large cream candles and dark maroon roses in the living room give off a romantic aura. Matching candle themes with silk sofa drapes and curtains can bring out an alluring sense of embellishments in the living room. Designers are coming up with great ideas such as metallic rings as holders attached to slabs of marble for the candles to hang on the walls. Stylish hooks and hanging shelves designed for candles can also illuminate the living space. Hollow iron candle holders for table or glass-cased lanterns can beautify candles. 

Living Space Comfort 

Candles have become an essential relaxing and comforting element of the living room. Giant and aromatic candles can create a dramatic impact on the rest of the embellishments. Turquoise, cream whites, emeralds, blues and transparent are top in trend among colour palettes for candles. A sophisticated candle set of unique edges and bodies can express the room more. Candles are a symbol of art. People especially purchase handmade fragrance candles for their living rooms. Instead of relaxing in the bedroom, living spaces are wider; hence, many candles can create aesthetic expressions when lit together. 

The Finish Line

Interior designers have found so many ways and ideas to beautify the living room and bedrooms with perfect candles. The variety of fragrances, tints and tones of candles and waxes can adorn the corners and tables of every room. People have evolved in candle sensation and created expensive, extraordinary candles for their homes. Not only to brighten the interior but candles are a symbol of elegance. This was all about embellishing living rooms with candles for events and occasions. 

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