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How Commercial Painters Can Help You

Painting the office can either be exciting or a tedious task depending on your painting skills. While painting isn’t the most challenging part of refurbishing your commercial place, it often takes up a considerable chunk of time and effort to find the right commercial painter for the job.

Commercial painters are skilled professionals who can help your business look best using diverse painting techniques, styles, and colors. They also have experience for updating both interior and exterior spaces while providing a blueprint of the painting project.

Let’s see what more a commercial painter has to offer for you

  • Unlimited Commercial painter’s services
  1. Interior painting
  2. Exterior painting
  3. Multi-unit painting
  4. Commercial roof painting
  5. Drywall painting
  6. Masonry painting
  7. Remodeling painting
  8. Logo painting
  9. Floor painting

Commercial painters are highly skilled in covering all kinds of commercial painting jobs in time. Whether the job is required inside the office ambiance or outside, you may expect it to be done appropriately with experienced commercial painters in Canberra. They are professional in getting the job done in the exact way you want.

2) Affordable hiring rates

Commercial painters have surprisingly reasonable pricing options!

How much do commercial painters cost?

On average, commercial painters cost around $40-$50/hr. The charges of hiring the office painters depend on various factors such as:

  1. Primary Labor charges
  2. Material costs
  3. Size of the painting project

Therefore, you may expect your hourly rate to increase anywhere from 30 cents or more.

3) Less-time consuming

Generally, the exact period of the commercial painting process mostly depends upon the size of the project you have asked for. For instance, painting a 400sq feet space takes hardly 30 minutes, while painting a 1000sq feet space takes around 1-1.5 hours maximum.

Therefore, there are also several factors such as:

  1.  type of the project,
  2. size of the project, quality of the project,
  3. the locations,
  4. painting styles, etc.

Hiring Canberra commercial painters can profoundly save you a lot of time. Thus, if you were looking for somebody to cover your big projects in a short time, you may give it a try.

4) Flexible working hours

Commercial painting is unlike residential or other painting projects. Commercial painting can be scheduled as per the availability of the client. At the same time, residential paintings are mostly done during weekdays.

Also, office painting can be scheduled during the absurd time, in the night, after the business operation, or even on holidays without causing unnecessary disturbances.

5) Highly-experienced

Commercial painters are more skilled and concerned about the safety of their co-workers and the project area. Also, the commercial painters are fully insured to cover any unavoidable happenings.

How to find the best painter near you?

The easiest way to get the right commercial painter or any other painter is by online research. With the help of the internet, you can find uncountable lists of painters at your fingertip. You have to type ‘painter near me‘ in the Google search bar. And there, you’ll get a complete list of suitable painters at your disposal.

You can also look for recommendations from your family or friends if they might have contacts of a Trusted painter. This leaves a high possibility that you’ll get the job done right at a reasonable price.

Look into your state’s commerce site to check for registered painters. Note, a painter need not be licensed, but they should be registered for best work.

Finding a commercial painter is not at all an easy task. If you are out of time and want a reliable painter soon, contact Brush Bar PTY Ltd today. They offer all sorts of painting jobs, from commercial to residential and corporate painting services. With over decades of experience in this industry, they pledge to provide the best service every time.

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