How Can I Improve the Appearance of My Teeth?

Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Lahore

Modern dentistry provides many options for helping to whiten Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Lahore, straighten, and perfect your teeth, including the following treatments:


Who needs the discomfort and inconvenience of braces when there are clear, customized, removable aligners for teeth straightening? The Envisaging system Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Lahore, for example, consists of a series of aligners that are swapped out and re-customized every two weeks as your teeth gradually shift and straighten until they are fully straightened and aligned.

Clear aligners are almost imperceptible and completely removable. This means you can remove them when you eat, drink, brush, floss, or have your picture taken. Furthermore, because the aligners are made of smooth plastic rather than sharp metal parts, they will not irritate your mouth or gums.

Whitening of Teeth

Plaque and tartar can cause discoloration on your teeth, as can certain foods, beverages, and smoking. Professional bleaching or removal of these external stains is a risk-free way to lighten your teeth several shades.

There are several bleaching methods available, including the Philips Zoom! professional whitening system, which safely lightens discolored teeth. It is simple and quick to complete in your dentist’s office.

Dental Implants

The modern treatment for tooth replacement is this natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Implants are surgically placed in the jawbone to act as anchors for replacement teeth, crowns, and partial or full dentures.

There is no risk of slippage because they are secure. Dental implants, on the other hand, are more comfortable and improve the function and appearance of your teeth.


Dentures are removable artificial teeth Cosmetic Dental Surgeon in Lahore that are intended to restore your natural smile as well as your ability to eat and speak normally. Today’s partial and full dentures are made of a variety of materials that are designed to look like your natural teeth and gums. They are made of acrylic bases that are long-lasting, low-staining, and high-impact.

Conventional full dentures are designed for people who have lost all of their teeth on both the upper and lower jaws, whereas partial dentures (also known as “bridges”) are used to replace extracted teeth or to replace a few missing teeth.

Reconstruction of the Whole Mouth

This type of cosmetic dentistry entails a variety of dental services when the majority of your teeth require rebuilding or repair. Fillings, crowns, or veneers may be required for salvageable teeth, while implants or bridges may be used to replace missing teeth (partial dentures).

This frequently necessitates the collaboration of an orthodontist, an oral surgeon, and/or a periodontist.

Veneers made of porcelain

These thin, artificial, permanent coverings are used to disguise chipped, cracked, gapped, pitted, or discoloured teeth. Each veneer is fitted to the front of your natural teeth that require protection.

They are made from molds of your teeth and are custom-made to match. The color and shape of your natural teeth. It is usually determined. Which teeth “show” when you smile and talk, and those teeth are the ones. Those are recommended for veneers.

Traditional porcelain veneers have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years or more. There are several types of veneers available – speak with a dentist about these fantastic options.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Las Vegas

All of these services, as well as other Children’s dentists in Lahore treatments, are available at Dedicated Dental in Henderson, Nevada. We can realign your teeth, close any gaps, remove stains, and fix any problem so you can smile again.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services, please contact us.

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