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History About Peshawari Chappal and Supply Chain

Peshawari Chappal

We assume that the name Peshawari Chappal comes from the city of Peshawar, but we never thought it would come from this side. What is the meaning of Peshawari Chappal’s name if it is the Origin of this footwear from Peshawar? How did they come up with the name Saplai? Even though the information was correct, I found it very confusing.

These shoes are so ancient that I think they are old. Due to the abundant availability of cow leather and good artisans, the manufacture of this footwear began in Peshawar and therefore lost its Origin. Despite the decentralization of this footwear industry, many Cobblers continue to work in Peshawar who are still active in work after several generations.

The process of making Peshawari Chappal:

Usually worn by Pushtoons around the world, Peshawari Chappals are handmade sandals. Peshawari chappals, also known as “Kheri”, are a minor scale business that provides a living to shoemakers who spend their days making, sewing and fitting them—made from impeccable cowhide condition. The use of elastic material is also possible. There aren’t many differences between Chappal in Peshawari. There is, however, a distinctive outline. The formation is at least 100 years old. In the beginning, these chappals came from Peshawar. 

Peshawari walk-in style fashion chappals

 There is no doubt that Peshawari Chappals have made an indelible mark on today’s fashion world. It wouldn’t occur to most people that these Peshawar sandals, made from leather, would be taken seriously by some of the world’s biggest fashion brands? 

As much of Pakistan’s Northern areas are rocky and mountainous, it is vital to wear shoes that will last for years. Thus, the Peshawari Chappal came into being. Shoes are no longer bound to tyre soles and leather uppers but can also be made from various materials and styles.

Today, as we spend more and more time in front of screens and virtual reality, information is readily available with a simple touch of a finger. These advances lead to rapid innovations in all aspects of daily life, including in the field of design.

Peshawari chappal folk shoes

Pakistani folk shoes, the Peshawari chappal, are primarily worn by men. In the beginning, these traditional sneakers were worn only by men, but they became more accessible to women in recent years. They’re the closest thing to sandals in terms of style. In Pakistan, Peshawari chappals are sandals or flip-flops made in Peshawar. Nevertheless, they quickly found popularity outside Peshawar.

People appreciate the comfort, durability, and convenience of these shoes. The leather they’re made from is usually soft. Sometimes, the sole comes from a truck tire, particularly for everyday Chappals. The heel strap on the back lets you adjust the size with a buckle, which is convenient. If necessary, you can borrow a pair of shoes from a friend or wear several pairs of the same shoes.

Authentic Peshawar footwear

In any case, Peshawari Chappals has now become widespread in various parts of the nation, and wearing them with pants is now a style standard. With easier access via the Internet, it is now reviving with new designs in several cities all over the country and worldwide. 

The upper part consists of a cowhide sole set on to a rubber sole on the Peshawari Chappal. Despite their modesty, the materials are practical, durable, and easily accessible. There are mind-boggling patterns added to the calfskin upper before the show is complete. 

Norozi Chappal 


Even though you might have never heard of them before, Chappals do exist. The Chappal is also known as the ‘Quetta Norozi Chappal and Sandals’; this Chappal dominates in looks, comfort, and style. However, that doesn’t make it unique. Rubber heels are what it is.

Sandals with the pattern of alligator’s teeth on the bottom enhance Norozi’s beauty. This is also why we all want it. A design on the sandals also resembles the smooth appearance of an alligator.

Hence Norozi Chappals are the best thing to wear if you want fancy Peshawari Chappals.

Everyone is wearing it because it’s so cheap!


True. Even though they are very affordable, these Chappals consist of Charadda and Norozi. Yet this does not mean everyone is wearing it for this purpose only. For tribal communities, the norozi Chappal is still an important symbol of shoewear.

It was worn by a few celebrities one day, and everyone in Islamabad became taken with the outfit. , so I know that’s true. The thing is, affordability has nothing to do with it. Chappals today are famous because they’re attractive, stylish, and ideal to wear with Salwar Kameez.

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