Here’s How You Introduce Time Tracking Software to Your Employees

Knowledge is essential for self-improvement, and the same is true for employees as well. For example, you might have this question ‘is it really necessary to train employees on time tracking software?’

Yes, introducing time tracking software to your staff is crucial if you appreciate your employees and want to engage with them in a better way. When employees are aware that a tracker is monitoring their work, they will be able to see how much work they are able to complete on a certain assignment. So, time tracking software can help the organization and its employees grow positively. In addition, with an employee monitoring tool, your staff can manage deadlines well.

So, here are some ways you can introduce time tracking software for your employees.


  • Explain the Features

Give your employees a live demonstration of the tracking program to provide further details. Explain how to set up the tracking program and log in with the required credentials. Provide details of the numerous reports that are generated depending on employee behavior, such as attendance and performance, both on an annual and monthly basis.

  • Visual Explanation

Arrange for a demo video of the time tracking software for the employees so they can become more familiar with it visually. Almost every vendor for the software will be able to provide you with a demo video of the product.

  • Regular Usage

Let your employees know that using the time monitoring software on a regular basis will help them be more productive. Once they know this, they will want to enhance their productivity further.

  • Frequent Feedback

Provide feedback to your employees by communicating with them and answering their inquiries. Of course, the most common queries they might have will be related to the software itself.

Managing Workload with Time Tracking Software


Not only employee management software, but organizations can also work on streamlining their workload with time tracking software too. Here’s how.

  • Relax

Time tracking software takes away the aspect of panic. Your employees will not panic if they see a massive task at hand. They will have a clearer picture of how to manage time properly.


  • Be Self-confident

It is important to think positively. If managers start panicking about deadlines, their task delegation will be affected. So, it is important to be self-confident, which time tracker tools help achieve.


  • Plan

Make a schedule for each day and prioritize your tasks. Before your employees begin working, make a to-do list. Ensure that the list is completed by the end of the day.


  • Limit Your Time

By restricting your employees’ time to specified tasks, you might avoid in-depth perfection while still producing high-quality work. This is important in order to complete the assignment in a reasonable amount of time. So, to quicken the process, keep an eye on the time. Completing one task at a time is the best way to do it.


  • Make up Your Mind

Too much work will lead to stress and headaches. So, to avoid this, make sure you have to prepare ahead of time for the task you will be doing.


  • Be Focused

It is also very important to completely focus on the job with a thorough comprehension of the assignment. This boosts quality enhancement as well.


The Challenges; Ending Note


Using social media during work hours has become a regular habit. Although social media plays a vital part in human lives and also the corporate sector, it affects productivity when people use it while at work. Time spent on social networking wastes both business productivity and corporate funds. When employees use social media to unwind throughout the workday, it causes them to work harder, but not more effectively.

If the employees see tragic news on social media, they may get agitated and demotivated. This is simply a waste of time for the organization. On the other hand, you cannot even compel your employees to be at peak productivity for 8-9 hours straight on a daily basis. Employees can focus even more on their project work if they take a break to check social media networking. Employees are also utilizing social media to ask questions about their jobs or connect with people in a similar field.

They might discuss work issues with their colleagues and friends in order to come up with quick and better answers. Employees utilize social media to communicate, share information, and even explore the web. Social media helps learn by letting the employees focus on their tasks more freely. Employees can strike a balance between work and personal life.

And needless to say, with time tracking software, you can help your employees find the balance between focusing on work and indulging in leisure activities.

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