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Har Ki Dun Trek | An All-Inclusive Guide for All Trekkers

Har Ki Dun Trek – Trekking is more enjoyable when done with other trekkers and in the ideal location where trekking is the main activity. The unexpected weather, uneven terrain, unfamiliar people, unforeseen circumstances, and a slew of last-minute decisions all add to the adventure of hiking.

Uttarakhand is one of the states that draws a large number of adventure seekers and trekkers each year. There are numerous trekking opportunities in the state. Har ki Dun trek in Uttarakhand is an incredible trekking destination. If you enjoy hiking, you must try this excursion.

About Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun trek is one of Uttarakhand’s best and most popular hiking destinations. Har ki Dun journey is known as the “stairways to Heaven.” Trekking across the Har Ki Dun valley would take you to the ancient Himalayan settlements to discover them.

The Har Ki Dun trip is on the bucket list of every adventurer and trekking enthusiast. If you are an experienced or professional trekker and do not do this trek, you will be losing out on a lot of fun. While on this walk, you can see some of the most stunning Himalayan views.

The location is at a height of 3566 metres in the western Ganges, which is clearly fairly high. Har ki Doon is also known as the Hanging Valley of Gods because it is fashioned like a cradle. The journey is well-known for its lush forest and gleaming peaks. Starting from the Govind National Park, one can explore the Har ki Dun valley.

Along with this, you will see many lovely views, making the walk even more exciting and relaxing. The hikers are given adequate time to explore the surroundings and enjoy the natural beauty.

We strongly suggest you to bring your cameras with you on this walk because you will undoubtedly shoot hundreds of photographs. The memories you bring back from your journey are completely unwatchable. Other scenery viewable from here includes some stunning mountain ranges such as Bandarpoonch, Black Peak, and Swargarohini – I, II, and III all at once.

Because of the trek’s incline, the difficulty level ranges from simple to moderate. This trek is not suitable for all beginners because it is not simple. You can attempt this journey if you are a frequent or professional trekker with extensive understanding of hiking conditions and habits.

The trek’s route consists primarily of meadows, glacier basins, pine forests, moraine ridges, and ancient villages. This trip is related with the Pandavas stories from the Mahabharata and is said to feature many legendary stories.

The best time to visit Har Ki Dun is between the months of Monsoon and Winter. This is the greatest time to enjoy this walk because the scenery and weather conditions are at their best during these months of the year.

The Har ki Dun trip is an 8-day hike that begins at Sankri.

Things to Carry

A backpack containing all of your supplies for the complete Har khi Dun trip.

Because the Har Ki Dun hiking temperature cannot be predicted, a rain cover is recommended. The weather is extremely unpredictable, and temperatures might drop dramatically during the day, something you would not expect.

Water bottles and any other refreshments you choose to keep you energised, such as hydration packs.

Snacks such as energy bars and protein bars will provide you with rapid energy during your walk. You can consume these during non-meal hours and get back on track with full vigour.

Personal Medical Kit containing all of the required first aid materials and medications that you believe you will require. While in Himalayan camps or anyplace, it is always a good idea to take medications for dizziness, upset stomach, headache, cold and cough.

Pack all of the appropriate clothing items for your outfits, such as wind and waterproof jackets, t-shirts, track pants, thermal inners, trekking shoes, and fleece coats. All of the necessary winter gear for winter hikes.

Put all of your toiletries in a bag because you’ll need them the most.

Don’t forget to bring your extra accoutrements, such as sunglasses, caps, gloves, a walking stick, a torch, and other such stuff. These items are critical, and you will not have the opportunity to purchase them while on the walk.

When visiting the Himalayan camp, you must avoid wearing sports shoes, jeans, or shorts. It is always preferable to wear hiking pants or joggers. They keep you safe and comfortable while you stroll up and down the rough ridges.

We also recommend carrying spare joggers with you. And to wear thicker clothes as much as possible because it will be cold over there.

Difficulty Level

This journey has a moderate difficulty level. The journey is not simple or straightforward. Because of the steep hike grades, this journey is not recommended for beginners or inexperienced trekkers. Because it is an 8-day hike, survival becomes tough for beginners.

The trek’s gradient and path make it difficult. This trek is not for the average or habitual trekker. Professional trekkers believe this trek to be enjoyable, and the majority of them have it on their bucket list.

The trek’s highest point is 11,700 feet, which is pretty high. This makes the trek challenging for inexperienced hikers. It’s a difficult walk due to the meadows, woodland trails, mountains, and climate. The climate in the area is extremely severe, making the walk tough.

The frigid winds on the forest route, along with the lakes all around and under the sky, make the entire atmosphere cold. The greatest season for this walk is from the Monsoons to the Winters, and this makes the trek difficult enough.


If you’ve been wishing to go on the Har Ki Dun Walk, we’ve answered most of your questions here, and we hope you may now enjoy the trek to the utmost. All of the precautions, safety measures, and methods we’ve discussed here will undoubtedly be beneficial to you. Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding the walk with us in detail as well.

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