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Handyman App Development :- 10 Must Include service Ideas in your Handyman business

Handyman App Development

You can find Handyman app development is booming lately. There are many services available in Handyman, which can not be obtained in real-time easily. 

Are you an entrepreneur or startup who is clouded with doubt about which service categories to include in your Handyman application? Don’t worry, I have the best services that may fail to include in their handyman application.  With those services, you can skyrocket your business to the top in the digital market.

In this article, we are going to look at the ten must-have services for your handyman software and the fruitful features which make the services run smoothly. Also, we have included a little discussion about whether custom or ready-made solution apps. Though we are not going into a deep brainstorm about it, let’s see which is better in a nutshell.

Statistics Of Handyman Business 

The size of the handyman market was huge even in 2020. The global home service market was valued at $346.66 billion. Presently, a source has predicted that the same market is expected to be valued at $2,247.84 billion by 2028. 

Those numbers are the witness that handyman services will be booming in the future. 

Let’s find the services! 

Electrical Tasks

Including electrical repair in your app is a must because half of home appliances are electrical devices. When customers need to find an electrician at noon time, it is difficult to find an electrician in real-time. The app offers 24/7 availability, and customers can book your service at any time. 

The service includes light fixtures, minor renovations in the electrical circuit, replacing a lightbulb, and installing security cameras and equipment. 


Almost all houses put tiles in their homes. Tiles services help users with tile installation, maintenance, and repair the same at the client’s site. When compared to traditional tile installation services, the service of the handyman is cheap. 

The app has a minimum and maximum option, where service providers can not go behind those numbers. Customers can not be forged. 

Home Upgrades

Home upgrades are kitchen countertops, updated garage doors, radiant-heat flooring, tankless water heater, solar energy, and more. This is like offering all services in one. Instead of going for each service provider,  customers can get all the services with one service.

Home upgrade service includes home technologies such as security systems, thermostats, and lighting control systems. The major purpose of a home upgrade is to make the living space more comfortable and energy-efficient while also potentially increasing the property’s value. 


Plumbing problems are faced commonly in all homes. One of the most demanded services in both traditional and online platforms. You can find this service on all the platforms and it is also important to incorporate services that are popular in all applications.

The services include installation, repair, and maintaining the plumbing system and fixtures. If it is a small or big issue, a skilled handyman can repair fastly. 

Drywall Installation

When customers have issues with their water line, they contact professionals who are killed in drywall installation. 

Mainly there are 7 best handyman services available. Apart from that, drywall installation is also a wide option that holds actions like measuring, cutting, and installing drywall boards in homes with skill and precision. 

Fixture Replacement 

Fixture replacement is fixing kitchen faucets, cabinets, lighting systems, and more. In recent days, many follow DIY to fix it. However, some owners have time to do it by themselves and they would choose professionals from outside.

This service doesn’t require a license to do the service.  But some services like faucets or lighting systems need licenses. 

Painting For The Interior And Exterior

Painting service is another demanded service in both traditional and online platforms. This service is also a lot expensive, so when you provide the service with an accurate price. Many customers would prefer to come to your handyman app. 

Besides painting, you can find services like wallpaper removal, drywall repair, or colour consultation under this category. Hiring a handyman for painting services can be a cost-effective way to improve the appearance and value of a home without the need for a professional painter or extensive DIY knowledge. 

Power Washing

Power washing is booming these days. The places like sidewalks, exterior walls, driveways, garage floors, roofs, and other surfaces get caked in dirt and it is hard to clean for common people. With basic property maintenance, power washing professionals can only do this kind of work. 

Not every handyman has the right equipment, only a high-grade power washer has the equipment. 

To clean exterior walls and all, you need the correct machine. It is hard to get all the machines in real time and also it takes a lot of money to buy. For that, Power washing experts with the correct equipment are to help you with cleaning. 

Appliance Installation

From refrigerators to dishwashers, everything comes under here. This service includes setting up and installing a new appliance. The job is to fix all the appliances according to the description.

When customers book service for fixing appliances, experienced and skilled professionals come to install the appliance, making sure that all necessary connections are made, and that it is level and secure.

It is a huge process to set up all the appliances, right?

With appliance installation service, appliances can be installed easily. Also, it can be a convenient way to ensure that new appliances are installed safely and correctly without the need for a specialized technician or DIY knowledge. 

These are the best services to include in your handyman app.

To include those services in your app, you need the correct features. A few important features are mentioned below. 

Let’s look at them!

The Lucrative Features Of Handyman App Development

Availability- Service providers can set their flexible work timing on the app. If the users book the services at a particular time interval the service providers will be listed. It is the user’s choice to assign the service provider. 

Service Picks-  Users get a dashboard where users can find all the services. They can choose from the given list.

Live Tracking- Once the booking is confirmed, users get complete location details of providers. Users can navigate them through calls or messages along the path if they take a wrong turn.

Special Instructions-  Users can simply instruct service providers with specialization as per their wish. The Handyman app allocates separate spaces for the users to improve service quality. 

Multiple Payment Options- users get multiple payment options, including Paypal, Stripe, Wallet, and credit cards. With its booking has been a seamless process. 

Cancellation Of Booking- users can cancel services if they are not able to be at home at the time of service.

Invoice View – users and providers can view the whole history of payments and services. You can view whether the service is completed, canceled, or accepted.

Share Feedback – when users want to share opinions on the application, they can share the app on a third-party platform.

As mentioned in the introduction, is a custom or premade app the best? Let’s see the answer to this debatable question in a nutshell. 

Custom Development or Premade Development

We are not getting deep into this topic. I am telling you which is the best from my perspective. Ok. Let’s see!

Custom development is a long process since you need to start from scratch. When you choose custom development, it consumes a lot of time and cost. You can integrate new features that are not available in the present market, which is a big advantage. 

The major advancement of custom development is that it is time-consuming. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive than ready-made solutions, and may require specialized expertise that is not available in-house. It is important to consider your needs for your application. Before choosing custom development, think whether it will fulfill your business requirements.

Ready-made apps are pre-built that can be customized based on one requirement. It consumes less time and amount. With ready-made development, you can incorporate new features too. 

Additionally, ready-made solutions are secure and reliable because they have been tested and refined by many users. With it, you can also include advanced features and functionality that would be difficult or time-consuming to develop in-house. 

All up to you to choose whether custom development or readymade development.

Final Thought

We are at the end note. Hope the services mentioned are new and it is helpful for your handyman business. 

The services include complex tasks and also simple ones. Whether installing doors or cleaning gardens, you make all the services available for customers. So then, you can grow your business and customers also easily get their work done. 

Succeeding in this competitive world is a little difficult. There are thousands of ideas in the market but you need an app that uplifting your business to one step ahead. For that, handyman service is the best option. 

If you are curious to know more about handyman app development, read more blogs related to it. 

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