Hand Blender to make whipped cream: Step to make it

Hand Blender to make whipped cream

Hand Blender is widely used in kitchens nowadays. There is a large variety of blenders available in the market to perform a variety of tasks.

Apart from preparing baby food, making pure out of cooked vegetables, preparing soup and smoothies, Electric Hand Blenders are also widely used to make Whipped Cream.

Hand Blender - Whipped Cream
Hand Blender to make whipped cream

What is whipped cream?

Whipped Cream is basically a thick paste that is made by whisking or blending a heavy liquid cream. These are used as toppings for fruits and deserts. A Whipped Cream can be prepared by hand but using a blender would be much better in case of large work loads, to save the time it takes while whipping by hand.

Whipping is a mixing process that creates foam-like structures which are later used as toppings and layering cakes, puddings etc.

Hand Blender for whipping cream

Of course you can use a blender instead of whisking by hand, which would actually save your time and energy.

It becomes very easy to perform these kinds of tasks when you have a Hand Blender which takes not more than a minute to make the paste ready to be used. 

But looking at the large variety of Hand Blenders available in the market. You might get confused of what would work best for whipped cream. In that case you would likely be searching for expert advice.

So because it’s about choosing a blender for whipping cream we would highly recommend you to go for an Immersion Blender

Hand Blender to make whipped cream
Hand Blender to make whipped cream

Electric Hand Blender for Whipping Cream

An Electric Hand Blender is a kitchen appliance that looks like a stick with its blades at the bottom end, so,is also known as a “stick blender”.

It is way much better than any other usual blenders. The main difference is that you don’t need to put the liquid into the blending bowl. Unlike others an Immersion Blender itself can be put into any container carrying a substance that needs to be blent.

Also while using it you don’t need to worry about the quantity- whether it’s small or large enough.

Steps to make whipped cream with the help of an immersion Hand blender

We know your delicious choices. But what we know more than that is the time it takes to make them ready. Each time you decide to do something special.

So, this time we’ve come up with this superior tool to help you do the same in no time.

Below are the steps to use an Electric Beater for Whipping Cream under 9 minutes:

  • First you need to combine all the ingredients that are used to make a Whipped Cream in any bowl or container. For this, pour some cream in the bowl (remember that after whipping the quantity of cream gets double). And add some Vanilla or any flavor you prefer to it.
  • Followed by the second step of adding some granulated/powdered sugar to it. You can even replace it with honey.
  • Coming up to the last step, put an Electric Beater in the bowl and blend until you get the ideal foamy texture. 


Immersion blender is the finest Electric Hand Blender for whipping cream due to its comparability, convenience in handling and cleaning, and is relatively cheaper than any other blender. 

Apart from whipping cream, you can use it in any other kitchen tasks of whisking and blending such as in soups, beating cooked vegetables, preparing smoothies, etc.

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