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Hampta Pass Journey: All You Need To Know 

Hampta Pass: An Outline 


The highest mark of Hampta Pass is located in the Pir Panjal range at an altitude of 4270 m above sea level. As mentioned earlier, it is a short passage from Manali in the valley of Kullu to Chandratal in the valleys of Lahaul and Spiti.


The pass’s name comes from the town of Hampta, which was found right below Sethan Town, according to Wikipedia.


In summer, pastors, other than occasionally travelers who look for high prairies, also use the Hampta Pass for glasses and herbs.


Hampta Pass Trip Schedule 


Two different programs for paid visits are available online: 4 days and 5 days.
The one who is to Chandratal for 4 days will not take you. Your trip begins in a vehicle/jeep from Manali. The journey to Chhatru starts with Hampta Pass from the Zero point in Hampta valley. You’re back to Manali with a jeep or a vehicle from Chhatru (in Lahaul and Spiti).

In any case, you will travel to Chandratal on the 5-day program for the Hampta Pass journey. You’re taken to one of the campgrounds in Chandratal on Day 4 when you arrive in Chhatru (in a car or jeep). You pass a night in Chandratal and return the following morning to Manali.


This is the manner by which a 4-day or a 5-day Hampta Pass Trip agenda varies. 


Day 1: Manali to Chikka 


(Manali to Jobri, 1-hour drive. Jobri to Chikka, 3–4 hours): Your excursion starts with a short drive from Manali to the Zero point in Hampta Valley, otherwise called Jobri Nala. 


You will pass the town of Prini (on old Kullu-Manali expressway) and Sethan. It is in Sethan that you will track down the last couple of shops to get a few chocolates and bread rolls. 


The street closes at Jobri. The journey from here after a simple waterway crossing. The course will take you through a profound backwoods of pine and birch trees following a wilderness trail. The day’s journey closes at Chikka. It is conceivable that there is a cascade near the camping area. 


Day 2: Chikka To Balu Ka Ghera 


(Chikka to Balu ka Ghera, 6-7 hours): The magnificence of your Hampta Pass trip will really start following a couple of hours from Chikka towards Balu ka Ghera as you will gradually climb along the Hamta waterway to totally open knolls. 


It is conceivable that you go over a couple of transitory shepherd-covers and your schedule incorporates some tea inside one of their cottages. If not, you can request that your journey chief sort out such an encounter. 


It will be a little difficult on day 2 so be ready for it. For most paid Hampta Pass visits, Balu ka Ghera stays the spot for the late evening outdoors. On a sunny morning, you get a lovely perspective on the Hampta Pass from Balu ka Ghera. I propose getting up somewhat ahead of schedule to click a couple of Instagram photographs. 


Day 3: To Shera Goru, Balu ka Ghera 


(Balu ka Ghera to Hampta pass to Shera Goru 7–8 hours): As you approach the pass, the journey turns out to be testing. One, on the grounds that the trip is very steep uphill. Furthermore, two, in light of diminishing oxygen level at 4000+ m over the ocean level. 


It takes about four hours to get from Balu ka Ghera to the Hampta Pass.. From the top point, expect wonderful all-encompassing perspectives on the powerful Dhauladhar range and the snow-covered Indrasan Pinnacle. It is normally blustery and cold in the Pass, so most gatherings don’t remain for long. 


From the pass, begins the slip to Lahaul Valley. Starting here, the valley fires broadening up. The campground on day 3 will be the grandest camping area of the whole Hampta Pass journey schedule. In any case, once more, you need a reasonable radiant day to encounter so! 


Day 4: Shea Goru to Chandratal 


(Shea Goru to Chatru to Chandratal from 7-8 hours): The road slips from Shea Goru into a stone and shaking scene. You will stroll along the left bank of Chandra Stream for a decent piece of the trip. 


The trip closes at Chatru. From here, Chandratal lake is around 46 km. Around evening time’s visit will be in Chandratal. From the campground in Chandratal, the pool of Chandratal is about 1.5-2 km. 


Day 5: Chandratal to Manali 


(Chandratal to Manali 5 hours): Day 5 of your Hamta Pass excursion will return you to Chatru and afterward further to Batal (a mainstream visit for individuals doing Manali-Spiti Valley course as there are numerous Dhabas to eat in Batal). 


From Batal, comes Gramphoo and Rohtang Pass. Rohtang Pass is a mainstream vacationer location packed by travelers searching for spots to visit close to Manali. Rohtang Pass is constantly encircled by thick mist with downpour being a sure chance on the top, so ensure you request that your driver pack your gear put on the rooftop rack in plastic sacks. 


After Rohtang top, there are numerous spots to eat and rest for some time. A little further ahead lies the wonderful Solang Valley, trailed by Manali. 


Best An ideal opportunity To Do Hampta Pass Trip 


The Hampta Pass journey starts at some point around late April or May and remains working until October. Among October and April, the high pass remains snow-covered, making it incomprehensible for anybody to get to the course. 


It is likewise not encouraged to do it during rainstorm season, however, it remains authoritatively open during the storm. 


The best an ideal opportunity to do Hampta Pass journey is the long stretches of May, June and September.


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