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Hair after hair transplant procedure

Hair care and growth after hair restoration surgery


The growth and appearance of ‘Hair’ after transplant is dependent on two different elements: “Popping” and Maturation. Popping alludes to new, transplanted hair infiltrating or popping through the scalp and the maturation alludes to the thickness, darkness, and naturalization. A hair transplant touches the final stage when all hair has popped through the scalp and all hair has completely grown with thickness, darkness, and smoothness.

After the transplant, follicles go into a characteristic resting stage. The tiny follicles will shed within the time of 2 months after the whole transplant process, and no new growth is seen until the time of 3 months when the follicles raise. The new follicles raise and start growing after 3 months; changes are seen up through the twelfth month and in many cases even up to the eighteenth month after the medical procedure. This shows that the full growth and appearance of a transplant isn’t finished even in a year or in some cases it goes long up to 18 months.

Progress of Newly Transplanted Hair

After 3 months of hair transplant, the new strands start growing through the scalp. By the end of 3rd month, around 30% of the hair has penetrated through. 40% have come through by 4th month, and half by 5th month. By a half year, around 60% to 70% of the new hairs have completely grown through the scalp. By the ninth month, roughly 90 to 100% have grown through the scalp, and the majority of the progressions of a hair transplant are because of maturation.

Maturation means the darkness, thickness, and normalization of the transplanted hair. At the point when the hairs initially infiltrate the scalp between the third and fifth month, they are exceptionally fine, shiny, short, and wispy. This is known as immature hair. By the sixth month, the outcome is considered around 40 to 50 percent mature. At this point, most patients are cheerful and started considering the procedure beneficial. They are trimming, styling, and mixing the new transplant with their original hair. But at this stage, the hair is still very immature. This is as yet more slender than original scalp hair and shows up thinner and crinkled a temporary change that will standardize.

Patients are generally cheerful by half of a year after the hair transplant, they should keep in mind that this is just halfway and it shows the general results. Just around 70% of the hairs have infiltrated through the scalp and those that are thinner and curled to some point contrasted with the native hair. The hairs keep on looking to some degree “wiry” and dainty through the eighth month. At this point, between the ninth and twelfth month, the hairs start their last maturation and all-new hairs have popped through the scalp and start looking more thick and shiny.

Expected Results After Transplant

For some patients, a hair transplant shows complete results after the year. 100% of the hair has grown through the scalp and these are completely dark, thick, and up to the standard. Remember that this timeline is just a rough idea. Some patients get results fast and some slow. Since you end up disappointing doesn’t mean your outcome will be better or more regrettable. It simply implies it might require some more time to get the final results. All patients have different physiologies, so all patients will get results differently. That’s why the hair transplant specialists wait for a year and a half to make a last evaluation of the results.

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