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Go With The Trend And Launch An Audio Based Social Media App Like Clubhouse

Through its existence, social media keeps us busy throughout the day. Can you imagine your life without social media? For all of us, without a doubt, it will be a great effort. We use social media apps to start and end our days. You will never miss any updates or global news if you use social media apps.

In the midst of a global pandemic, social media was the only way to communicate with others. It was then that the miracle happened. In general, social media applications are designed to provide us with a platform for sharing images, videos, and other media. However, the method used by Clubhouse was novel to the public.

People were able to engage in voice chats or voice-based discussions with other people in a whole new way thanks to audio-based social media. The Clubhouse was the first to establish this pattern. As a result, various entrepreneurs have developed their own concepts. As a result, we thought it would be a good idea to share useful information with you on how to create an application like Clubhouse.

This blog is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in creating a Clubhouse clone app.

Why is Clubhouse unique from other existing social media apps?

Unlike other social media apps, this Audio-based Social Media App Like Clubhouse

provides a platform for people to meet and participate in voice discussions. They can listen, chat, discuss and participate in discussions with other users of the application. The application provides a forum dedicated to the talks called rooms. Users can enter these rooms and participate in discussions.

They have the option to participate or participate in the chat with the other members. One feature that sets it apart from other apps is that users don’t need to be aware of the camera because it is completely focused on audio-based engagement. They do not need to send text messages, upload photos or videos to use the program. All they have to do is press the record button to start recording.

Invite users to speak on a variety of topics such as mental health, arts, music, social awareness, etc. It was initially released as an invite-only social media app. However, now anyone can join the app.

Eye-catching characteristics you should avoid in your Audio-based Social Media App Like Clubhouse creation.

The true success of Clubhouse is due not only to the concept but also to the remarkable aspects that captivated millions of people. Therefore, if you decide to create an alternative to the Clubhouse application, it would be preferable if you could avoid them.

Simple onboarding procedure

Since the application is available to all users, you can design a simple registration process for users to register with the application. Follow simple and easy-to-use procedures and allow your users to quickly sign up with their email address and phone number.


The rooms will be where the conversations take place. Accessible rooms, as well as discussion topics, can be viewed in user feeds. It is up to the hosts to decide whether to keep the conversations secret or in public.


Users should be able to create groups with their communities in their clone of the Clubhouse app. People who have similar ideas or interests may want a separate place to discuss them in private. As a result, you can urge them to form clubs. They can keep their discussions private or in public.


The clubhouse clone feeds serve as the app’s home page. Users can locate the active rooms and their discussion topics here. This will allow people to join rooms based on their interests.

Option for searching

This is an essential feature for your software. The software allows users to search for profiles, rooms, clubs, and chats. They can, however, readily search for and find their selections using this method.


You can send app notifications to users to keep them engaged with your app. As a result, if someone from the following user’s list enters a room, they will be notified. Similarly, users will receive notifications whenever there are active rooms.

To Summarise

Audio-based Social Media App Like Clubhouse is making headlines around the world. Instead of chasing buses, try setting up an audio-based social media app – the Clubhouse clone will be a great place to start your business adventure.

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