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Getting Mentally Depressed? Change Your Home Decor!

Home Decoration with Wall Plates

Your home can tremendously affect your mood. When you are spending a lot more time within the four walls of your abode away from the golden touch of the sun rays and soothing music of chirping birds, you may feel depressed. Urban living may not allow you to look outside and find a patch of green. However, it only takes a bit of effort to lift your mood. You can add the warmth that you were missing with only a few minor changes. Here are a few tips that you can apply to your home decor to bring in the joy of staying indoors.

1.Change the color palette:

The color scheme of a room plays an essential role in setting the mood. Adding a splash of warm color to your space can bring you out of the aloof feeling. Cold colors like blue, dark green or neutral colors may fail to create a sense of warmth. Even a tiny splash of warm colors like yellow, orange can add this sense of comfort and glee to your mood. If you have a room with white color dominance, try using a contrasting warm or bright color to create a comfortable atmosphere.

  1. Accessories:

It is not always possible to change the whole wallpaper of rooms. How about changing the accessories? Remove the old faded cushion and pillows and add some pretty warm colors. You can also choose the colors of the bedsheets, curtains, and small decorations in the space accordingly. Other accessories can include a few small and cute showpieces or abstract designs that can uplift your area’s mood.

  1. Paintings and other wall decorations:

Using wall decorations is a good option when it comes to adding color to your living space. You can also put a painting on the wall, which can add aesthetic beauty and color to the not-so-extravagant decor of your area. For a more urban, sophisticated look, you can also use a set of decorative wall plates. These plates can have different abstract patterns, scenarios, floral designs, and you can choose one as per the theme of your place. If you are more into soft and cute wall decorative pieces, you can bring adorable racks, dreamcatchers, wall hangings, etc.

  1. ‘Light’ up the mood:

If you prefer a dark room without much light, it is time to keep that setting for a tight sleep at night. A dim-lit room can be a reason for depression and low energy. Choose bright lights that can light up the dark corners and hit you with a bright splash of energy. You can also put some yellow bulbs or fairy lights near the shelves, walls, planters, which can be a pleasant addition to your setup. If it’s a summer day, then you can put some sheer curtains on your window and let the sunlight hover over your floor and bed, and wall. This can brighten up your mood.

  1. How about going green:

It is always soothing to have your eyes on the greenery of an open field. You may also feel happy as you take a breath in the breeze that carries the gentle smell of flowers. If you have an interest in keeping some indoor plants, that can be an excellent option. You can select different sort of designer planters and put small plants in them. It is always better to put succulent or other living plants. If you feel it is difficult you can also choose to buy some artificial plants. You can also add a grass carpet inside your space, which gives you the feeling of walking on the grass.

  1. Cleaning Up your Place:

If your room is filled with several unnecessary things, it is time to clean up everything. You can remove those things away from your eyes. You also need to clean the room thoroughly and keep a fixed cleaning routine to avoid getting messy. You can also use some room spray or room freshener to add a fruity or floral fragrance to lift your mood.

  1. Memories to Make you smile:

Have you ever wonder when you smile the most? Probably, while laughing with your friends? Probably, when you enjoy your time with your family? Let’s make it a decor. You can laminate your favorite memories and put them on your wall. So that whenever your eyes fall on it, you may find a reason to smile. You can also use stylish photo frames to put the photos that give an elegant look to your room.

  1. The thing of Rugs:

You may think that rugs have nothing to do with the setup of your space, but in reality, it has to do a lot. When you sit on your couch, your feet touch the fluffy rugs, don’t you feel the comfort? While buying rugs, consider the color as well. A pretty, plump rug can be a pleasant addition to your room.

  1. Shelves:

Using multipurpose shelves for decorating your room is a great idea. You can pick wall-mount shelves and put pretty decorative plates on them. You can also go for the rot-iron ones with some abstract structure that can serve as a decorative item. You can also consider some wooden materials with ebony polish which can give an exquisite feeling to the decoration of your room.

  1. Furniture:

Last but not least you can also pick your furniture carefully. It will help to give a different setup to your room. However, it is not always easy to change all the furniture pieces. Hence you can work on their positions. For example, you can remove the furniture from the corner of the room and place them more towards the center. The sense of space can affect your mind. You can also include some small furniture like a side table and chairs which are not traditional in look.

There are a few tips that can give your room a makeover. It can also add some energy with a splash of color. However, as choice varies from person to person, you can think which color makes you feel good. Splash that color on the walls of your room. You may feel good.

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