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Get Your Emotional Support Animal Letter For Housing

ESA Letter for Housing

An ESA letter of housing is a state licensed official letter written and signed by the professional’s.This document serves as evidence that the pet is an integral part of the person’s treatment plan for the emotional or mental illness for which they are requesting a reasonable accommodation. It is sometimes referred to as reasonable supporting documentation, and it offers ESA owners the advantages listed below;

  • It enables owners to reside with emotional support animal in a no-pet apartment, house, building, etc.
  • They are exempt from paying the landlord additional pet or security costs.
  • It gives owners the freedom to keep any animal they choose, regardless of breed, size, or weight. The landlord is prohibited by a Housing ESA letter from denying a request for a reasonable accommodation based on the requirements of an assistance animal.

Who can write the ESA letter for Housing? 

An ESA letter can only be written and signed by a healthcare professional who holds a valid state licence to assess and treat people with mental and emotional problems. A list of licensed mental health professionals who can assess a patient’s need for an emotional support animal is provided below.

  • A Licensed Addiction Therapist
  • A Licensed Behavioural Therapist
  • A licensed psychologist
  • A Licensed Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist
  • A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • A licensed Professional Counselor
  • A Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • A licensed psychiatrist
  • Any Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • A licensed doctor qualified to conduct mental health issues

Emotional support animals come with many benefits which provide their owners a sense of relaxation and health benefits. Let us discuss the benefits of an emotional support animal in detail. 

As we all know the importance of the pets in our lives and when the pet is an emotional support animal it’s important and benefits just get doubled. Some of these benefits are: 

  • Treat Trauma 

Studies have demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of emotional support animals for those who have endured years of trauma.

  • Provide comfort

People who have an emotional support animal feel at ease and self-assured in socially awkward situations.

  • Increased Dopamine 

Support for Emotions Serotonin and dopamine levels are typically high in those who own animals (happiness Hormone).

Emotional support animal parents are found to be happy with their life and to feel that their lives have a purpose and a role in contributing to society precisely because of this. Owners of emotional support animals enjoy a wealth of advantages and live longer than the average person.

  • Treat with mental illness

An emotional support animal can help its owner recover from mental diseases like anxiety, despair, and panic attacks.

What laws permit the use of an ESA letter for housing?

Fair Housing Act 

The Civil Rights Act of 1968, which served as a follow-up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, was signed by President Lyndon Johnson on April 11, 1968. The 1968 Act strengthened earlier legislation by outlawing discrimination in the purchase, leasing, and financing of housing on the grounds of race, religion, national origin, sex, and, as amended, disability and family status. The Fair Housing Act (of 1968) is another name for Title VIII of the Act.

According to this, the Fair Housing Act was changed into the Federal Fair Housing Act Amendments (FHAA), which further stated that; “refuse to make reasonable modifications in rules, policies, practises, or services, when such modifications may be required to provide a handicapped person with an equal chance to use and enjoy a dwelling unit, including public and common use areas.”

Rehabilitation Act

America’s disabled citizens are protected against discrimination by the Fair Housing Act in both public and private housing agencies.

In contrast, “section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act” only applies to housing that receives government funding.

After 1988, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) began to view discrimination against disabled people as illegal under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. As a result, discrimination is prohibited by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act in housing authority that receive federal funding.

As stated above, an eligible individual with a handicap cannot be denied benefits or subjected to discrimination as a result of any federal financial assistance programme.

Although the Rehabilitation Act’s Section 504 does not expressly require landlords to provide reasonable accommodations—in this case, an emotional support animal for individuals with disabilities—HUD rules nonetheless require landlords to do so.

Additionally, this law requires housing authorities that receive financial aid to drop its No-Pet rule. However, in order to qualify for a No-Pet waiver, a person must have a medical condition that calls for the assistance of an emotional support animal.

How many ESAs can I certify With an ESA Letter?

You are able to certify as many animals as you choose as your ESA with valid emotional support animal letters. Many landlords and housing providers either forbid pets entirely or only permit one or two per tenant. The same restriction does not apply to emotional support animals, though. Some landlords must apply a policy which says that  a specific type of animal is not allowed in their building. Be aware, of your pet is an emotional support animal then this policy does not apply in your case.

Therefore, as long as you have an ESA letter to confirm your pet is your ESA, landlords cannot impose restrictions on the number, breed, weight, or even size of emotional support animals. As a result, you are allowed to have more than one pet as an emotional support animal. Legally, accommodations for people with disabilities may be extended if they seem “reasonable.”

To keep the necessary number of ESA with you in your flat, it would be wise to make sure you have enough room and money. Take into account that if you asked your landlord for permission to maintain ten dogs in a one-room flat, the landlord would undoubtedly raise a concern. Here, the landlord’s property may be impacted by your pets, and they may even view them as a danger to it. The ESA letter Housing would therefore be meaningless in this situation.

How to get an ESA letter for Housing Online? 

It has been made clear that with the help of an ESA letter you can live anywhere you want to by showing your ESA letter to the landlords. Now you must be thinking about how to get an emotional support animal letter for housing online? It’s very easy you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Application

Filling out an Online ESA Medical form with a summary of your medical history and your contact details is the first step in the procedure.

2. Evaluation

Second step is that our medical staff will determine your medical status once you have submitted the online emotional support animal Evaluation form. The entire procedure is done online.

3. Approval

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email including an ESA Letter if your doctor grants his or her recommendation for an emotional support animal.

Can I get an ESA letter Online?

Yes, you can get an emotional support animal letter online while sitting in the comfort of your own home with the Fast ESA Letter. You simply need to fill out a simple form on our portal, and you will be able to download your emotional support animal letter from your provided email address shortly after our health professional’s approval.

Can I apply for an ESA letter for Housing before getting a pet?

Yes, you can get an ESA letter for housing even before getting a pet, because the health professional requires information about your mental illness in order to qualify you for an emotional support animal letter. You can get an ESA letter even before adopting a pet if you have described your mental illness in the pre-evaluation form and the health professional finds it acceptable to have an emotional support animal.

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