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Get to Know Types of Vinyl Counter Wraps

Best available counter wraps for residential and commercial use. Get a look at the use of vinyl wraps in different ways.

Types of wraps

  • Kitchen wraps

The whole kitchen can be wrapped and look new and fresh instantly. We have all the wraps available to renovate your kitchen and to make it brand new. And thus it is for kitchen. it is made with unique solutions which last in the toughest times also.

  • Backsplash Counter Wraps

Why backsplash stays backward? Besides everything is getting wrapped and getting a new look. The backsplash is also deserved to be wrapped. And of course, we planned it. We have vinyl wraps for the backsplash also. No renovation is required. It can be done in just time and also without any hassle.

  • Bathroom wraps

Wraps for bathroom cabinets, ceilings, doors, and walls. And don’t you worry about its quality, because since it is specially made for the use the bathroom it is obviously water-resistant and easy to clean by the supplies you use to clean the bathroom. You can literally change the whole look of the bathroom into the color or pattern you want.

  • Window wraps

The secret of a beautiful room is its beautiful windows. Windows are the heart of the furniture of any room. Whether it is the kitchen or bedroom, windows is quite noticeable than any other furniture in the room. And to make it more beautiful, we brought you the beautiful peel and stick vinyl wraps. It is very cost-effective to form your windows with these beautiful wraps.

  • Wardrobe wraps

Your favorite thing in your room should be of your choice of course. But it isn’t. Then transform it anyways. Transform it in any color or in any pattern you want. We offer a wide scope of tones in a matt or gleam finish to totally change the vibe of your present closets. Like our Kitchen Wrap, our counter Wraps are additionally accessible in two wrapping choices, Basic and Full. We wrap just the closet entryways and casings, inside racks and drawers are excluded from our closet wrap.

  • Door Counter Wraps

Painting doors may be the old-school or messy idea, wrap it instead. Any doors can be wrapped whether it is of your kitchen, office, room, bathroom, or whatever. It can be flawless and just with peel and stick vinyl wraps. You can also use it to the fridge door to make it brand new or according to your furniture.

Most premium and efficient way to upgrade your office space. Bored with the same office space and want to change the whole vibe of it. Well, wrapping is the solution. You can change the office literally in any look you want. Office vinyl wrapping includes the look of your space, wrapping of the wall, wrapping of ceilings, as well as wrapping of the floors, wrapping of doors, and furniture wraps.

  • Furniture wraps

Made a wrong choice in the color furniture and regretting? Don’t regret it anymore. Cause we have the damn solution called counter wraps. Give a brand new touch-up to your furniture by just wrapping it. Wrap Zone that are specially designed to enhance the look of your desks, bookshelves, tables, or anything else you apply it to.

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