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Germany Online Gaming Market

Introduction to Germany Online Gaming Market


Germany Online Gaming Market is expected to enroll in real-time growth based on the need to overcome digital transformation and transparency in the digital age, the online gaming segment is gaining popularity in the global market and as is very important for growth and development especially in Germany, where great interest in gaming Europeans are taking advantage of the online gaming experience and are expected to boost the significant growth of the German online gaming market in the coming years.

Past of Online Gaming Market


Online gaming services are becoming a very important pillar in the German sports market. They allow video game players around the world to compete online on their own, access cloud computing offerings. they use the huge game catalog at a fixed monthly price. The past several years have seen significant growth not only in the various forms of online gaming services but also in the interest of players in them. In Germany, sales revenue for these services increased by 50 percent in one year, to 692 million euros.

This figure is almost double that of 2018 when online gaming services are available for sale. These are the numbers released today for the game – the German Games Industry Association, based on data collected by market research firm GfK. Cloud services have shown a significant increase in sales revenue: within a year, the sector has grown by 67 percent, to 72 million euros.

Contribution of the Technology

popular devices

With cloud gaming services, it has become easier to access HD games. But because the computer is in the cloud, a fast internet connection is required. Services in this category include Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Telekom’s MagentaGaming, Sony’s PlayStation Now, and Google’s Stadia Pro. While sales revenue with online gaming services is growing steadily, by 50 percent. The submarket is already very large. 439 million euros in sales revenue generated by 2020 through services of this kind. Such as Nintendo Switch Online, PlayStation Plus Sony, and Xbox Live Gold from Microsoft.

In addition to online discounts and online savings scores, these services also allow customers to play online with game consoles. Most notably, a lot has been spent on registering sports services in 2020. The submarket has grown by 44 percent to a total of 181 million euros. For a set monthly price, services such as EA Play, Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft, Ubisoft +, and two smartphone versions, Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, offer access to a comprehensive gaming library.

Popular online games

for example:

  • Coin Master
  • Gardenscapes
  • SoS
  • Pokemon go
  • Homescapes
  • Brawl stars
  • Fishdom

After  Covid.

The outbreak of the global COVID-20 epidemic has led to the dramatic growth of the German sports market. As countries seek to close down in order to win a bid to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. The interest in e-gaming has also begun. The increase in time spent at home has led to an increase in people’s interest in leisure activities. This expected to lead to a reduction in the need for online games to be used by the consumer. The result could be an increase in the growing growth of the Germany Online Gaming market in the future.


The Germany online gaming market has recorded a strong overflow of sales revenue for the year Covid-19 2020. A total turnover of 8.5 billion euros was obtained from the computer and video games and related hardware. This is an increase of 32 percent compared to last year. Sales of more than 3.2 billion euros are registered for gaming consoles, gaming PCs, and related operating systems. A 26 percent increase over 2019. and in-app purchases, subscriptions, and online service costs rose to 5.2 billion euros, a dramatic increase of 36 percent compared to the previous year.


Gamescom, the world’s largest commercial exhibition. It is open to business and community guests and receives more than 370,000 visitors and more than 1,100 exhibitors each year. As the result, Covid-19 epidemic Gamescom 2021 (August 25-29) will be a hybrid event online and offline.


The German online gaming market is expected to gain popularity during the 2021-26F forecast supported by the growing integration of state-of-the-art technology in the software industry. As the growing population and the digital age have led to an increase in people’s interest in the acceptance of modern games. In addition, the emergence of 5G internet access in the country has supported the growth of the online gaming culture by supporting heavy downloading games with better internet access speed and this is estimated to serve as a growing driver in the German online gaming market over the next six years.


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