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Free hard

It can detect viruses in your system and get rid of them immediately. In fact, Avast is a very powerful antivirus, but users can still encounter antivirus-related errors. Free hard disk space

Before finding any other solution; Please check your membership. How do I renew my avast free plan? If your antivirus is not scanning your Windows PC, you may need to renew your subscription. Open the avast dashboard and go to the subscription window. Chocobo Names

If your subscription has expired, click the renew button to pay for the renewal. However, if you have an active Avast membership, you should investigate other reasons.

Check avast setup requirements
Avast antivirus will not work on your system if you do not have the resources. Avast setup is available on Windows PC, but you will need to check your requirements. Sometimes users install incompatible setups on their PCs. You can install AvastSetup with only those requirements. Check the interfaces on both devices when transferring licenses. You will not be able to use Avast for Mac on your Windows device without a multi-license plan. If you have installed incompatible avast antivirus, uninstall it. Again, please go to the Avast website and set up a setup that suits your device.

Check avast related registry files
Avast setup may not work when some registry files are interrupted. You need to restore these files to troubleshoot the error. Open an editor and see the corrupted avast-related key. Restore the damaged avast key before running the setup. The user must create a backup before editing the avast key.

Open run wizard on system
Type cmd in the wizard and tap on the OK button
The user sees a black screen (command prompt)
At the Windows command prompt, type Regedit and press Enter.
Register editor appears
Check all avast registry keys. Copy the key and save it with the .reg extension. Then paste the file on your system desktop and then use Registry Editor to repair the corrupted file. If you can’t fix them, ask for help from a specialist.

Free hard disk space

Antivirus requires a certain amount of space on the hard disk to function properly. If your PC has very little free space, antivirus applications and other applications will stop running.

You must free up space for the program to work. Users can install SSD on their system. If you are using SSD, try to delete some files from your device.

Check for unnecessary applications and uninstall them. Also, check for large files such as games and movies. To free hard disk space, delete these files. Increasing the space will ensure that avast antivirus and other applications start working.

Free hard disk space
Free hard disk space

Update operating system
Antivirus may stop working due to an outdated operating system. Many features do not work on older operating systems. Free hard disk space

The user must update the OS of the system. Download the OS update now. Then click on the Avast icon and choose the scan button. Free hard disk space

Avast anti-malware flashes all viruses from your system. Also, check for avast antivirus updates and install them regularly. Free hard disk space

Delete Temporary Files and System Junk
The system creates a temporary file to hold the data. After the work is completed; Those temporary files become useless. These files free up space and may conflict with other applications.

These files need to be cleaned immediately. Apart from temporary files, there are some other junk files on the system. You can use the cleanup tool to clean these files.

Click on the run bar
Type cmd in the bar
Press enter button
Type cleanmgr on screen to run
CleanManager will now scan junk files. A list of files is displayed. Please check all files. Select the check box from the list and press Enter. Those junk files will be removed from your PC. Then try running a full system scan on Avast.

Uninstall other antivirus and security programs
If the user installs another antivirus on the device, Avast will display a conflicting problem. Antiviruses can show problems that conflict with security programs such as firewalls. Free hard disk space

If you have another firewall installed, disable Avast Firewall. Then check for another antivirus. Remove Setup or other antivirus programs from your computer. Then run avast to check for errors.

Restore avast setup
If you cannot find the antivirus program file, it is helpful to re-install the setup. You may have accidentally deleted the program file or the file has been corrupted. Setup files are difficult to repair. Re-install the avast setup on your computer.

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