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Flavor Your Tongue With These 6 Best Pizza In Caulfield

Pizza is an Italian origin dish that is loved by many across the world. The round flat base of wheat dough is usually topped with tomatoes, cheese, and other ingredients. This dish is baked at high temperatures in wooden fire ovens. In Italy, it is served unsliced in formal settings and is eaten with a knife and fork.

There are several variants of pizzas with changes in toppings. From mushrooms, jalapenos, chicken, and other meats flavors and styles of pizza had gone through numerous transformations. As mentioned earlier, several pizzas are available in the shops at reliable rates. Are you looking forward to the best pizza in Caulfield? Here are the top varieties of delicious slices of pizzas available. Read through the below article and get excited to know about some unique and traditional pizza varieties.

Hawaiian Pizza, The controversial one:

Do you yearn to visit Hawaii and experience the Hawaiian flavors? If your answer is yes, the best choice is to have a slice of Hawaiian Pizza. It is available in the classic ham of pineapple combo of pineapple and bacon. It is almost the same as pepperoni and cheese. Pizza is a fusion dish of American and Italian styles. The pizza’s toppings are even surprisingly controversial as many loves and others hate to place pineapple as the topping of pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza, the best pizza in Caulfield:

For food lovers, the pepperoni pizza will be the favorite as it is classically delicious. It is American salami made with pork and beef with paprika. The mouth-watering blend of cheese with pepperoni and basil will make a perfect meal for any pizza lover. The crispy pizza crust and the long cheesy toppings will deliver the taste you want for your taste buds. The selected ingredient that has nutritional quality is also available in this pizza. The spicy dry sausage on the toppings makes it yummy.

New York Style Pizza:

The foldable slices and the crispy crust of the pizza make New York pizza distinctive from other pizza varieties. It is a famous regional pizza type that has unique flavors. The topping tomatoes and the mozzarella cheese is high in this pizza variety. The traditional toppings of the pizza also include pepperoni, sausage, and even mushrooms. This authentic pizza is cooked in a wood and burning oven which gives exquisitely delicious and crispy results.

Tips To Choose The Right Restaurant To Eat The Delicious Pizza Near Me

Californian Pizza:

This variety is well-known for its unusual ingredients of toppings. It has got its invention when a chef started experimenting with them in an Old Italian restaurant. There are no such traditional toppings for this pizza, where it includes chicken to goat cheese and egg. It has either thick or thin crust which will decide the way of baking pizza. This inventive pizza becomes the head pizza of many Italian and Chain Restaurants.

Neapolitan Pizza, Best Pizza In Caulfield

It is the original pizza from the age of 18th century. It was readily available and was at reliable rates at that time. There are several variations of Neapolitan pizza which are Margherita, Margherita Extra, and Marinara Pizza. The traditional toppings are fresh mozzarella cheese, basil leaves, oregano, tomatoes, and olive oil.

Chicago Pizza:

The deep-dish pizza is invented in Chicago city which is similar to Neapolitan pizza. Onions, ground beef, mushrooms, and pepperonis are the major toppings. It is an even lengthier process to bake the pizza when compared to that of other pizza varieties.

Final Verdict:

Are you still in search of the best pizza in Caulfield? Why worry when you can visit Flames Pizzeria? We are the top-notch quality pizza providers who have highly addictive pizza varieties. You won’t be able to wipe off the tasty cheese from your face which is so good and yummy.

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