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Five Types of Quadrant Offset Shower Enclosure

The quadrant offset shower enclosure gives a modish and contemporary look to the bathroom. If you are thinking about upgrading your shower room and giving it a luxurious appeal, consider installing the offset-style shower enclosure. You can revitalize, relax, and shower with style in the multifaceted cubicle. It will turn your dream of a peaceful retreat into reality. The hassle of getting the perfect style of enclosure becomes exasperating and time-consuming. We have enlisted the best five quadrant offset shower cubicles for you to choose from.

 Left-hand and Right-Hand quadrant offset shower enclosure

We are starting our list with the elegant left-hand and right-hand quadrant offset shower enclosure known for its robustness and durability. It has the premium quality door handles to support the 6mm glass that makes opening and closing smooth. While a protective layer coats the glass that keeps it clean. In addition to that the easy-release runners make the cleaning hassle-free and easy. It’s chrome profile makes up the frame of this enclosure that protects it from corrosion and so it remains stain-resistant for a long time. The best feature of this quadrant shower cubicle is that its shower tray is waterproof and keeps from being discolored.


If you are looking for a compact-sized enclosure, this space-saving modish quadrant offset shower cubicle is perfect for small bathrooms. The best thing about this enclosure is that it comes with wall channels instead of frames, making the space look bigger and spacious. While Its smooth glass gives off a sleek look with clarity that displays a smooth finish, and Its shower tray is available separately. Because this enclosure system comes with pre-supplied fixings and a reversible fitting. That’s why it is the perfect solution for your space issues.

Single Door

Do you want to add a touch of minimalism to your bathroom? Then this high-end single-door shower enclosure is perfect for contemporary and simple bathrooms. Its semi-frameless design looks modish. While its chrome finish engrosses the enclosure that exhibits a stylish look and suits quite well in minimalistic bathrooms. Therefore, When looking to renovate your bathroom, consider this shower enclosure as it is made with the premium standard.

Sliding Door

This luxurious shower enclosure comes with a magnetic sliding door and an independent door system option. Its glass is also about 6mm and features a full-length chrome finish. In addition to that, it has the corrosion-free chrome that makes up the frame that provides a lifetime warranty of remaining rust-free. This enclosure door system is made to last and built with exclusive standards.

Black Colored

If you want to give your bathroom a modernistic appeal, consider installing the black quadrant offset shower enclosure. Its black color perfectly contrasts with the interior of the bathroom and gives off a bold look. Its striking matte black frame gives off a sleek look with tempered glass that displays a smooth finish. While the 16 premium quality rollers support the sliding double doors that do not create noise. This enclosure system comes with pre-supplied fixings, a reversible fitting, and a separate shower tray. In case you are a fan of boldness should consider this shower enclosure. These were some of the top-notch and exclusive quadrant style offset enclosures.  These enclosures provide sustainability with innovation and turn your renovation concerns into a hassle-free experience.

Quadrant Offset Shower Enclosures

In this article, we have a detailed discussion of different quadrant offset shower enclosure options. It will make it easier for you to choose from different variations available for this shower cubicle. You should consider the overall theme of the bathroom and the style that you want to achieve while choosing between these options. That will help you to create a coordinated and consistent look. At Royal Bathrooms, we have all types of bathroom products available at lower prices. So, whenever you need anything related to upgrades, you can count on us.

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