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Five Important Reasons Why To Use Tiles In Your Hallway

We’re sure you’ll agree that the hallway is among the rooms that are often overlooked within our homes, when in reality, it might become one of the vital rooms in your entire home.

The hallway tiles are among the top frequently used rooms in any home. We make use of it to get our shoes and coats off, and go through it numerous times throughout the day. In addition, it’s the room that guests to your home will visit!

We believe it’s worth the time and effort to pick the appropriate flooring material and, naturally, we suggest tiles. We’re continuing our “5 points’ collection to tell the reasons why you should select tiles for your new hallway.

They Are Very Durable

Tiles are a great option for patterned hallway tiles since they are extremely durable for high-traffic areas. Porcelain tiles are a wise choice since they are the strongest choice and can be found in a myriad of styles to suit the tastes and budgets of everyone.

We have a huge range of gorgeous porcelain tiles, including our stunning Laura tiles (pictures shown here with taupe) that are guaranteed to make a striking impression in every entranceway.

hallway tiles
Image Sources: Danny Deco UK

A Vast Array Of Finishes

One of the most appealing benefits to using tiles for any room is the variety of designs, colours and finishes that are available.

At hallway floor tiles, we carry an array of stunning tiles, from trendy pattern and terrazzo tiles, to stone and wood options , so we’re certain that you’ll be able to locate the perfect tile to fit your home.

Look at our wood effect Liberty collection (pictured below in the colour Argent) It’s the perfect solution for those searching for a tougher alternative to wood flooring!

An Opportunity To Make An Impression

In many homes hallways are one of the most compact areas. For some, this could appear like a perfect time to be safe and be neutral, but we believe it’s the perfect opportunity to show your personality.

Tiles are a great option to achieve this! In this photo, Vertex tiles have be employ to create a modern spin on the traditional Victorian flooring tiles. And we love it!

It Can Be Used To Match Any Style Of Home

As we’ve mention before, tiles can be effectively use to complement any type of house, from old Victorian cottages and houses to modern-day new constructions.

We offer a wide range of tiles that can aid you in choosing the right style for your room no matter if you’re looking to keep in mind the history and roots of your house or prefer a different look – we’ve got you cover!

The Benefits Of Flooring Made Of Tiles At Home

At the point when homeowners all have the same dilemma: What do be my flooring? Should you choose wood or carpet? Tile or vinyl? What kind of flooring will benefit to your residence the greatest?


Tile is extremely durable in the face of wear and staining. The tile is ideal for use in areas that are prone to traffic. Tile doesn’t offer a lot of protection against impact, but when you drop a heavy object onto tile, it’s equally likely to fracture like any other material.

Low Maintenance

Since it’s extremely durable It doesn’t require much maintenance. It will require cleaning as with any other surface that’s prone to dirt.

It is recommend to apply a sealant to your tiles about every 4 to 5 years. Apart from that there’s nothing to think about regarding maintaining your tile in top condition.


Ceramic tiles are economical. They’re also among the most affordable flooring options accessible. When you consider costs associated with buying the tiles and putting them in place together with their long-lasting durability and lack of expensive maintenance it is clear the tiles’ value is worth each cent.

Of course, it also depends on the kind of tile you choose to use. There are more expensive and premium tiles in the market.

Water Resistant

Ceramic tiles are coat with a protection layer on their surface which makes them impervious to stain and water damage.

This is the reason tile is frequently use for flooring bathrooms. They are also resistant to humidity, which makes them perfect for flooring in areas which are extremely humid or hot.


Tiles are typically of basic materials like clay, sand and glass. These materials are usually blend with other materials to create ceramic tiles.

They can also impact the environment around you: they could reduce your heating bill by keeping your home cool in summer, and warm in the winter, by providing insulation.

Resale Value

Installing hallway wall tiles inside your home could result in a profitable investment in the long run, if you intend to put your house up for sale on the market.

There have been numerous instances when adding a floor tile to a house dramatically enhanced its resale worth. A beautiful tile floor can be able to increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars.

Air Quality

Tiles are bake in kilns and fire at very high temperatures, which makes them inert and free of chemical compounds that are volatile.

This is vital since VOCs can cause a wide range of health issues. Other types of flooring (like carpet and vinyl) have a low VOC output however none of them can be compare to tiles.

Tiles For The Hallway – A Few Ideas To Make Your Floor Functional And Attractive

Floor tiles for bathroom made of ceramic are among the most efficient flooring materials to be used in the hall. There is no other material that is as impervious to dirt or abrasion and is invulnerable to water or snow and mud.

The tiles don’t require any maintenance or care. Just simple cleaning using mild detergent and water can be do.

floor tiles for bathroom
Image Sources: Danny Deco UK

The Right Tiles To Choose

But, if you want to have functional flooring in your hall for many years to come, you must make smart purchases by choosing the right tiles. This will pay dividends in the long run.

Particularly in single-family homes, when in the winter and fall you walk into the hall with snow-cover or wet shoes. In apartments this is different as some of the water and dirt that has accumulate from shoes has already be dump on the stairs.

Practical Advice To Make Your Decision Easier

When you are choosing the perfect tiles for your living room or modern hallway floor tiles, you must pay attention to a few crucial aspects.

Scope The Purpose

Make sure you know to whether the tiles you purchase are design to be place in the ground. The manufacturer will always give the information by way of picture or some other obvious symbol on the packaging or in the catalog.

Because of this, you are assure that your tiles will be of the appropriate quality and durability, as well as resistance to abrasion and dirt.

Abrasion Resistance

PEI the PEI, which measures the tile’s resistance to abrasion is an important factor. It’s the number of revolutions. This can be use to measure the resistance of the tile’s surface to the abrasion.

The greater the PEI the stronger is the floor. Class 4 or 5 is the best choice for halls that is a zone with a lot of traffic and the possibility of risk of exposure to dirt.

Frost Resistance

It is a crucial aspect to take into account when selecting the flooring for the hall Contrary to what one would expect. Although they don’t have a direct view of the outwards.

The parameter of frost resistance is dependent on the water absorbability of ceramic tiles and thus the infiltration of molecules from water into the structure.

It is certainly more secure choosing frost-resistant floor tiles for kitchen that are not affected by humidity, low temperatures or direct contact with water.

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