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Finding the perfect home

Have you managed to come up with the deposit?

Perfect Home

Finding the perfect home

Have you managed to come up with the deposit? Let’s go house hunting!

The old-fashioned way of finding a home to live in was snooping through estate agent windows and perusing newspaper listings.

The internet has done away with these tiresome things, making it much easier to find and shortlist your dream homes.

There are different sites where you can go to find Homes. One of the more popular ones is When buying a house. one has to look for two things

The actual houses and their surroundings.

Read more if you Still confused to Buy or Rent

How do I find a neighborhood?

Choosing the perfect area to live in is a lot like buying a car. Your options will differ drastically based on your particular needs.

You might consider moving within the catchment area of a good primary school if you’re a new parent.

If you commute by train or bus, look for an area with good rail and bus links. But don’t merely rely on one of the two. One delayed train can cause all sorts of problems if you’re not prepared.

Depending on your social life, you might want to search for “what’s on” events for the area you are looking at.

You wouldn’t want to move somewhere looking forward to a hopping nightlife only to find that communal brass rubbing is more intriguing – or vice versa.

The community can be very different from one street to another. Do not make too many generalizations about an area.

Make sure you know the local crime rate. You can find the latest reported crimes in local neighborhoods at

To get an idea of the area, you should take a day trip there if you can.

It will be easy for you to gauge the distance to shops, how busy the area is, and how the place feels to you.

How do I choose a house?

Once you narrow it down to an area, we can begin looking for houses in that area.

You can’t know everything about the house before you look at it in person, but there are some things you can look for that may help you focus your search.

  • Floorplans – most listings come with a floorplan so you can compare the sizes of the rooms. Take measurements of the rooms that you see where you live now in order to see how much bigger or smaller the new house is.

Age of the house – if you aren’t inclined to keep up with maintenance, older houses may not be right for you. Conversely, a brand new build may be completely lacking in character.

  • Storage space – you may need to store some baggage at the house, so make sure there’s enough room. Does it have a usable attic, basement, garage, or shed?
  • Energy efficiency rating – a home may look nice, but it may be costing you a lot in running costs and in dealing with the bills.

It can cost thousands of pounds to add uPVC double glazing to a house, so a house that already has this is in better shape. Additionally, double glazing should increase energy efficiency and should block out outside sound.

These tips will help you narrow down your search to a few houses that you really like.

It’s best to contact your mortgage advisor first and reach an agreement in principle before viewing all the houses in the area.

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