Facilities Provided By Best School in Valsad

Are you looking for the best school in Valsad? If yes, then the best choice you got is BR International School. BR International School is the only CBSE English medium school in Valsad that works on the overall development of the students. It was established in 2011 with an aim to give the best quality education to kids from all around the country. The School offers a large infrastructure for studies and sports grounds for better physical health. They have a staff that is well-qualified and gives proper attention to each student. The top school in Valsad was awarded by a confederation of education excellence in 3 different categories in the year 2017. This Valsad School offers world-class education till secondary level.

What do they offer beyond academics?

Library Cum resource center
Complete IT room
Multipurpose hall
Audiovisual room
Sports ground
Music and dance classes
Yoga and meditation

BR International School – Best school in Valsad focuses on the overall development of students and gives them proper time to learn their favorite skills. They have coaches and teachers for everything and kids can spend time on things that they love to do. The teachers of Valsad School provide proper guidance to kids so that they can improve their skills and can learn for a brighter future.

Facilities of School in Valsad

There is a long list of facilities that BR International School offers. Some of them are:

• Sick Room
They understand the importance of health and always provide proper health treatment to kids in school and never compromise with that. They have a sick room where kids get proper treatment for every health issue.

• Transportation
They provide transportation services to all the kids and have a driver that has years of experience in driving. They have all the necessary tools in the buses like a fire extinguisher, medical kit, etc.

• Counseling
BR school offers counseling services so that parents get full and true information about the school. It makes it easy to parents to understand the curriculum and teaching methods of BR teachers and they make their decisions according to that.

Contact the best school in Valsad to get admission to a school that delivers record academic results and always works on the overall development of the students.

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