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F95Zone: The method to Post Your Comics and Animations

F95zone has already proved to be a huge community that has lots of people around the globe. People are coming and getting ideas from each other. In this regard, you can also use it for the comic section on F95zone because the users are continuously uploading the comic links here.

The website F95 zone has several guidelines that it follows and makes it easier for you to get the availability of the thread or links to the latest games. The moderators of F95zone go through every piece of the artwork before they post and accept. In this article, you will come to know the way by which you can post the comic link.

Step 1 – Make the account

The first thing that you will have to do is create your account. You will need an email id and create a unique username for the account.

Step 2 – Posting in the other forums

This website, F95Zone, comes with effective rules for the users. They will have to post around three times in the Normal forums, including the general discussions before they can post anything in the form of the comics links. It can ensure that the spammers are not involved in the entire network. Besides, it can also help in keeping away the promotional links or the links containing malicious Malware and viruses.

Step 3 – Reading the rules

Depending on what kind of comic you are posting on the forum, you will have to find the section referred to, like the comics and Stills uploading rules. Now you have to read all the rules for uploading the respective forums. The rules are also detailed, and you will find out the necessary information that you need to know. It sometimes may seem to be a bit tedious to go through every task. You will have to provide the relevant link where the artwork can be found. Also, place links to the social networking sites and give as much information that is needed for the audience.

Step 4 – Learning the rules regarding how to post under games comic and animations

Comics and animations can be found with the same list of threads as that of the other forum. The thread also consists of certain rules that are not like the ones that we have already mentioned above. There are brief rules that you will need to know while it comes to putting the updated version.

Step 5 – Starting the thread

This is the last step that will have to be followed in the comic and animation request Forum. You will have to follow the template that will be automatically appearing. Remember that you cannot find any option for posting directly on the comics and Steels Forum and animation. First of all, you will have to get the post approved, and only after that can you post.

Final words

Showcasing the comics and animations on F95zone is one of the best ways for just having enjoyment time on F95zone. So, go ahead with posting the content of the comic by following the rules and regulations.


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