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A Complete Guide on Extended Warranty for Electronic Devices

What are the Pros and Cons of Extended Warranty?

Extended warranties can be a great addition to your favorite electronic devices to protect them from damage, repair, or other service failures. However, there are various factors to be considered before availing them.


When we talk about washing machines or mobile phones, they can’t stay new forever. Hence, while buying a new washing machine or mobile, you would often think about the ways through which you can keep it safe or incur fewer costs if they break down at some time.

For such purposes, you can get extended warranties. Here comes the difficulty. When you think about getting an extended warranty for mobile, one question would often pop up, are the warranty providers reliable? Does the warranty help me or get me into a problem? The same goes for an extended warranty for washing machines.

An extended warranty is insurance that you can buy for your devices like a washing machine or mobile. When you get such warranties, you don’t have to think about the repair costs for your device or machine.

Pros of Extended Warranties:

You might be thinking that buying an extended warranty from a third party would be risky. However, there’s nothing like that. It is unnecessary to get extended warranties from the same company where you bought the product. Extended warranties come with their pros which include:

No repair bills incurred:

When you buy an extended warranty for washing machines, you won’t have to worry about any repair costs when there is a breakage with your washing machine or any other product. Hence, its warranty coverage can be the perfect solution for you.

Better budget management:

When you buy an extended warranty, you won’t have to worry about giving a large sum of the money for repair all at once. Instead, you can provide monthly payments of short amounts and maintain your budget effectively.
Flexibility: Extended warranties are present for most products out there; hence you don’t have to worry whether you can get an extended warranty for mobile or car or washing machine, or anything else. It’s possible.

Cons of Extended Warranties:

As helpful as extended warranties are, they come with specific cons as well, which include:

Not every repair would be covered:

When you buy an extended warranty for mobile or any other product, you should know that not every type of repair would be covered under it. Suppose that your phone falls into the water and that type of repair isn’t covered under the extended warranty, then you won’t be able to get it repaired through that warranty and hence incur additional costs.

Problems with choices in repair facilities:

When it comes to extended warranties, not all the companies that provide the warranty would enable you to access options in the repair shops. You would have availability to get repairs from a certain number of options.

Prevailing issues won’t be solved:

When you sign up for an extended warranty for washing machines or mobile phone that has specific problems, you won’t get repairs coverage on that issue. Suppose, while signing up for the warranty, your mobile has problems with its speaker. Now, that issue won’t be covered in the extended warranty coverage.


Hence, we can always trust the extended coverage that is reliable for us. Whether you get extended coverage for washing machines or any other product, you would get advantages of repair through it. Also, if you want to incur fewer costs for your mobile phone repairs, you can get an extended warranty for mobile without any hassle.

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