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Examples and Strategies Targeted Towards Children

Strategies that are targeted towards children and teens

Who has the power to influence parents? Is it the advertisers? No! It’s their children that hold every key and button needed to compel them to buy stuff. But how do children know what they want? Well, that’s where the role of advertisers comes to play, let’s discuss some examples and strategies targeted towards children. 

Advertisers are smart – they know parents won’t buy everything that they say, and so, to sell their product, they target the children. A devoted parent would find it hard to say no to their child’s desires whether its a gaming computer or services of an assignment writer

Advertisers know that parents throw away their weapons when it comes to their children. So they try to influence the children into thinking that they want the product that the advertisers are selling – be it a toy, a gadget, food or even a clothing item.

Children are targeted by a wide variety of advertisements via television, radio and electronic media. Advertisers, on the other hand, are acutely aware of the principles need to promote their products to kids. 

So what kinds of products are sold to children by advertising masterminds? 

5 Proven Examples and Strategies Targeted Towards Children


Food – this market is there for people of all ages because who doesn’t like food? And as it turns out, children are obsessed with food and anything new in the market. They love junk foods and any kind of unhealthy food. They want cereals, candy, soft drinks and fast food. And hey, have you ever seen an advertisement for a vegetable that is being catered to kids? Hope you understand the point that we’re trying to make here. 


Kids love whatever is trendy – especially teenagers! And so, you will come across several advertisements that are designed and targeted towards the audience going back to school. You’ll find several brands coming up with discounts on seasonal clothing like shorts, summer dresses and T-shirts! And hey, you will also find brands and advertisers going after kids and compelling them to buy high-end footwear and leather and denim jackets just because they cool.  And since children don’t ever want to be out of style – they manage to convince their parents as well.

Video Games

You will come across a variety of digital media services targeting children to sell PlayStation and Xbox. This is one of the reasons why video games have gotten so popular – children love them! Advertisers are constantly bombarding kids with ads that sell videos games as the best and the latest. They follow CTA (call-to-action) guidelines and make children believe that the video game is a must-have! 


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Of course, how can we not talk about toys? Toys are literally the backbone of advertising. Just hit the Google search engine and you will find so many toys that are shown to be highly attractive and must-have for the children collection. Whether the holiday season is coming or the summer vacations – there are toys for every seasons and festival!

Advertising Strategies

Are you curious to learn how these marketing masterminds play with the minds of children? Well, we’ve come up with a couple of strategies down below for you to play the “spot the strategy” game with your children the next time they urge you to get them a new toy they saw in an advertisement. 

  • The Bribe Trap

This advertisement packages a free toy at the price of one! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this one because people tend to overbuy and make things worse for their wallet. 

  • The Big Promise

The one that sells fantasies and false promises? Yeah, this is the one! This advertisement will make the product appeal to you to the extent where you will hear no negative thing about it until you buy and experience it for yourself. 

  • The Clever Game

This ad tells you to play the game to win it – it’s like Triple H telling you that it’s time to play the game. And guess who wins? Not you. 

  • The One That Plays With The Emotions

We’ve all fallen prey to this one – it will tell you how every time you buy the product, an underprivileged kid in Africa will get to study. True genius despite good intentions! So, Hope you have learned some examples and strategies targeted towards children.

Do you know how many companies market their “do my assignment” services to the student population by claiming that it will help them achieve top grades? Does that happen… that’s up to fate? 

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