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Everything you need to know about kids’ trampolines

Trampolines are a fun and enjoyable activity, and every kid can’t resist the temptation to jump on them. Apart from being fun and entertaining, it is a fantastic way for your kids to work out. Research suggests that jumping on a trampoline provides educational, mental, and physical benefits. So, as a parent, you can purchase a trampoline from stores such as Lifespan Kids Toy and ensure a huge smile on the faces of your kids as they jump around. But are there more advantages of installing trampolines? How to make it safer for children? How to choose the right one? Read on to get all your questions answered.


What are the advantages of installing trampolines?

Trampolines have many benefits, starting from heart health to increasing energy levels. You can keep reading to know more about them.

  1. It can enhance the posture: Your child’s balance will be modified while bouncing on the trampoline. Plus, it also provides a positive impact on your little one’s posture.
  2. It improves heart health: Bouncing a day for ten minutes can strengthen your kids’ muscles, improving their cardiovascular health immensely.
  3. It enhances flexibility: Although flexibility comes naturally to children, it is important to pay attention to the level and type of activities they do. Bouncing on the trampoline will strengthen and lengthen their muscles, improving flexibility.
  4. It can strengthen their immune system: Bouncing and jumping can strengthen your immune system. It promotes lymphatic circulation and helps in stimulating the internal organs. What’s more, it allows nutrients to enter inside the body and push the toxins out of the cells.
  5. It can increase the energy levels: Bouncing allows the oxygen in the body to be carried out in the bloodstream. It makes the little ones feel active and improves their energy levels significantly. In this manner, your kids can kick-start the day with a lot of energy.


How to make a trampoline safe for kids?

You can begin by including the rule of one child at a time. For instance, when children jump together, they can collide without realising it, resulting in injuries. You can set a time limit and allow them to take turns to play on the trampoline. You can purchase a high-quality trampoline from online stores like Lifespan Kids Toy and safety equipment like shock-absorbing pads, etc. Also, make sure the trampoline is covered with a net enclosure. It is recommended to supervise the kids to ensure that they are not hanging on the net, flipping or colliding with each other. Don’t forget to read the manual properly before installing the trampoline.


How to choose a trampoline for kids?

If you want to buy the best trampoline for your kids, you must consider the following factors.

  1. Size: You will have to consider the size of the backyard and the age of your kids before deciding on a trampoline size. If your backyard is small, you will be limited to the size of 6 feet. You can purchase an indoor trampoline if you have no backyard at all. You can attain a fairly large trampoline (size of 10 feet or more) if space is not a problem. But make sure that the children have sufficient space to move around outside the trampoline.
  2. Durability and sturdiness: Given the harsh weather of Australia, your trampoline must be durable and long-lasting. You can look for trampolines made with materials that consist of a UV resistant coating. Furthermore, you can search for a thick galvanised steel frame, ensuring sturdiness and preventing rust. Moreover, you can also purchase trampolines with lengthy warranties.
  3. Maximum weight capacity: Different trampolines have various maximum weight capacities. For instance, a 12 feet trampoline can hold multiple kids. So, before purchasing, ensure you consider the combined weight of your children.

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