Everything About The Fe Civil Examination You Want To Know

Things You Need To Know About The Fe Civil Examination


Are you sincerely considering developing your engineering career? If so, you should be aware that one of the most important steps in becoming a licensed professional engineer in the United States is passing the Fundamentals of Engineering test, sometimes known as the FE Civil exam. You will advance toward the title you have been working so diligently for after completing this test.

There is another examination in the shape of PE that gives you the privilege of relishing so many perks in the United States. However, you being in the initial phase shouldn’t look that far ahead. Rather, you should be diligently focusing on the FE Civil exam for now. In simpler words: the aim must be to set smaller targets upfront and then head towards the bigger ones.

This article will give you a full-fledged overview of the FE exam prep: what is it all about, the importance of passing it and how to best prepare for the examination? And we will be kick-starting right from the beginning so that you can even find out things that might have been missed from your end.

Introduction to the FE Civil Exam

When it comes to divulging about the FE Civil exam, it is fundamentally an NCEES-based test which is the first of a two-part exam. And to achieve the position of a licensed engineer in the United States, you need to first clear the FE Civil exam followed by the PE Civil exam. Irrespective of whether you are an engineering student or a working professional, cracking these examinations is the need of the hour to earn a PE license.

Every year scores of candidates appear for this examination with the motive of accomplishing a PE license. And once you achieve this target, you no longer fall in the bracket of a standard engineer. In fact, you have earned one of the significant tags as far as the engineering industry is concerned.

The indispensability of the FE Civil Exam today

It is only after clearing the FE Civil exam; you can appear for the PE exam and work your way up to learn and gain its license. And if the thoughts of working on major projects or companies encompass your mind, you need to begin with the FE Civil exam.

You can embark on preparing for the FE Civil exam right after completing your studies. Even if you are superb in studies, take this test pretty seriously and begin with the preparation from the ground level. Accept it as a challenge that you need to clear.

It is vital to highlight here that the journey to the highest feats of engineering in the form of PE begins with the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. That’s why preparing, strategizing, time management, and being organised can eventually help you clearing this highly pivotal exam.

Preparation for the FE Civil Exam

Similar to the preparations you might have already done when you were in school, the preparation for this will also work in the same way. But at the same time, you must also pay heed that this test is not any other common test. So, you must ensure putting in extra effort and hard work. This means that you need to give a significant amount of time to understand different concepts thoroughly.

Below we will share some tips that will guide and help you to better understand on how to prepare for the FE exam effectively and thoroughly. Rest assured, these pieces of advice will help you in the longer run.

  • Take a FE Review Course

You might have seen a lot of FE review course providers online. some affordable some expensive, So, what’s the ultimate benefit of joining such courses?

Well, the modality of doing so will aid you to comprehend the different concepts of this examination deeply. Plus, you also get useful insights from industry-leading experts. However, you must consider taking the services of experienced professionals only.

  • Draft a well-compiled study plan

Creating a study plan is a must that includes how many hours you can invest. This should also entail the amounts of breaks that you will be taking in between to keep your mind fresh. Alongside a study plan, it is advisable that you monitor your progress regularly and improvise accordingly if needed.

  • Solve NCEES-based Practice Papers

Merely completing the study course won’t be enough to pass the examination. You also need to solve practice papers side by side. These tests play a handy role in letting you identify knowledge gaps if any. What’s more, after solving NCEES-based practice papers, you gain additional confidence in cracking the main FE examination.

  • Take help out of FE Reference Handbook

Using a reference book can help you learn more and grasp concepts and ideas better. Reference books also have several problems on a single subject, allowing you to practise numerous problems to prepare for board exams.

1) It elaborates on every concept vividly and clearly. Reference book helps you in enriching your knowledge and deeper your concepts and understanding. 

2) Reference books also give lots of problems on a single topic which enables you to practice for preparation of board exams. 

3) Conceptual problems segregated by reference books help to understand you better in preparation of any exam.

4) If there is no one to help you in problem-solving then these books are great stuff to have for reference fore you and for your friends to study.

Lastly, With FE reference handbook, you will be able to understand the deeper deets of the examination. It will help you to get an idea of what the test will typically consist of.

And getting the latest version of this handbook is quite simple. All you need to do is visit the NCEES official website and go through it comprehensively.

What next after cracking the FE Exam?

Once you successfully clear the FE exam, it’s now time to begin preparing for the PE exam. Whilst you cannot appear for this test right away. You need to wait for 4 years as per the official terms and guidelines, some states have different regulations. That means; if you reside in such states, you can appear for the PE examination before. But at the same time, it will take 4 years before the license becomes valid.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of qualifying FE exam:

You will get a chunk of options after qualifying for your FE exam. Let’s dig out how can you make an unprecedented career after cracking this exam or what is the use of FE exam.

1. You can go for higher studies
2. Research

3. You can join foreign universities after your FE exam

To conclude

Post registering for the FE Civil exam, the preparation must start immediately. The earlier you begin; you will have the opportunity to solve more practice papers.

Now coming to the most important aspects: which provider to choose for a FE review course and practice exam?

When looking for the best provider for a FE review course, You don’t have to worry and simply connect with the Civil Engineering Academy. By enrolling with the label, not only do you get valuable study material but also get around-the-corner assistance from professionals. Allow us to serve you!

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