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Essential Information Before Buying a Tractor in India

Which tractor would be right to buy? The more straightforward this question seems, the more complicated it becomes. In the current technological, industrial development, new inventions are being made day by day.

Similarly, Tractor Industries is also progressing very much; different companies launch new models. The question arises which tractor should we buy. Will it be better for us? So let’s know that while purchasing a tractor, we have some essential things, about which it is necessary to know. No matter what company the tractor belongs to.

  • Engine
  • hydraulic lift
  • Tractor Market Value
  • Diesel consumption 
  • Driver Comfort
  • Horse Power (HP)

Here we are discussing the various parts of the tractor, which information is given below.


We must know about the technology of the engine. As the cylinder capacity of the engine is 2, 3 or 4, the more cylinders, the more will be the engine’s power delivery. The engine is turbo or non-turbo. Turbo has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantage: It increases the power of the engine, does not allow the RPM to fall. The burden is that if the service is not done right, then the engine bore work may have to be done quickly. Therefore, the longevity of the engine is reduced.

Hydraulic Lift

The farmer needs a hydraulic lift the most, and there are many such works which we cannot do without it. For example, cultivator, rotavator, thresher, and seed drill cannot be done without its help. The more advanced the hydraulic lift, the more profit will be there. The more the tractor will be beneficial for us. So we have to see whether the hydraulic ADDC type is hydraulic lift or not. This means whether two sensing levers have been given inside it or not.

Tractor Market Value

We buy tractors in which more features have been given, but we should keep in mind the market price of our tractor. How is his service provider? Its elements are easily available in the market. But, unfortunately, not every farmer can keep a tractor for a long time, and it has to be sold when it gets old. 

So we should buy the same tractor running in the market because many companies sell tractors but cannot provide service. Some companies closed their centers or went away or could not run. Its most significant disadvantage would be that it is challenging to get the parts of the purchased tractor so that such tractors can create a lot of trouble for us.

Diesel Consumption 

We need to think about the consumption of diesel because the income of the farmers is decreasing. Diesel prices have started touching the sky. We need to keep in mind that tractor diesel does not eat much. In this case, we may have to bear this loss.

Keep in mind that companies do not provide accurate information to anyone.

In this situation, the person who is consuming that tractor. He can give you the best advice on this, and a big reason is that the working capacity of the tractor is different on different soil surfaces. So please check with the consumer personally about the diesel consumption.

Driver Comfort

The farmer’s brother does not pay attention to the driver’s comfort, and when he drives the tractor for 8 to 10 hours, then it is known that he did not pay attention to these things at that time. There is no problem in sitting for the driver. There is no problem in applying the brakes, and there is no problem while changing gears.

Horse Power (HP)

We will try to explain this to you. What is HP? When you buy a tractor, you buy according to your needs. But forget to keep in mind that not according to the time to come. There is no problem in this to know from the people how the tractor is. This will not be the solution. If a 40 HP tractor works very well in a village, then you can buy the same from several companies, but Swaraj Tractor is best suited in this category. 

It is worth noting that the consumer should take 5 HP more according to his utility. The most significant advantage we get from this is that when we want a 40 HP tractor and have taken 45 HP, we have given 20 to 30 thousand more rupees.

The advantage of this will be that we will not have to change the tractor later because when we use any implement, the 40 HP tractor will run on more load. The same tool will work smoothly with 45 HP, and there will be no effect on the engine if a tractor runs on more load than tractor life is reduced, and a 45 HP tractor can damage the same implement. But there is no loss on the tractor’s life, and when a new implant comes on the market, it can run smoothly, so we should always take a +5 HP tractor as per requirement.

We hope this information is helpful for you. But, If you want to know more information, please be with us and wait for our next blog, and we will come with exciting information for you.

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