Essential Accessories for Men Styling: Wedding Ties for Men

When it comes to styling, minor details can create an amazing effect while transforming the outfit to a whole new level. If you invest in styling accessories, the burden for buying more clothes reduces automatically as you can create different looks with the same outfit pairing them with different accessories like wedding rings and ties. One such accessory is wedding ties for men. These ties add a touch of elegance and style to wedding outfits. Additionally, they add depth and character to a plain subtle suit or a formal shirt.

Whether you wear a tuxedo, three-piece suit, or a formal shirt, there is a whole variety of ties to pair up with different outfits. You can keep a collection of bow ties, neckties, self-ties, cravats, and clip-on. These ties come in different sizes, colors, and patterns.

Wedding bow tie

These wedding ties are not essential for grooms but any male attending the wedding. Groomsmen ties are a popular category in wedding ties for men as the groom’s tribe can wear similar ties in color or style.

Here are different types of wedding ties that effortlessly transforms any outfit on the big day:

Floral Ties: Perfect for a garden wedding in summers, these floral ties add a refreshing touch to any outfit, whether a three-piece suit or a plain white shirt. Both floral neckties and bow ties look stunning on a special day like a wedding.

Satin Ties: smooth and shiny skinny solid color ties look elegant and stylish at weddings. A vibrant color satin tie adds a character to a subtle grey suit.

Patterned Silk Ties: patterns on silk ties add a texture to the outfit. Silk cravats, neckties, and bow ties look amazing on males of any age group. These ties are perfect for a winter wedding.

Seersucker Ties: The all-cotton fabric, mostly striped or checkered, is a blend of smooth and rough textures. As a result, the fabric feels light and appears bumpy in texture, making it comfortable for the summer and spring seasons. Thus, if you have a day wedding to attend on a hot summer day, these seersucker ties add a soothing touch to the outfit, you could try these out.

Gingham Ties: a cotton fabric tie made using woven dyed colorful yarn with plain yarn to form a check pattern that can vary in size. The gingham fabric is usually a two-color pattern, for instance, green and white or blue and white. The refreshing gingham colors add a note of elegance and vibrance to a wedding outfit in the summer season.

Father and son wearing matching ties look adorable. Thus, you can buy the same ties for your son and yourself. Similarly, groomsmen can choose their matching ties according to the grooms’ outfits and the theme of the wedding.

To add an extra note of elegance, you can pair up these ties with suspenders and cummerbunds. These ties can be used for other special occasions like business parties, events, and church. Thus, these ties are a must-have for any male to enhance their styling game.


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