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Empty Spaces Throws Gloomy Vibes, Turn It Into A Sumptuous Area Of Décor Elements

A bare space is not likely given the happy soul you are. Decorative table accents or showpieces can redefine your space with its sparkle touch. These are the most important elements for your home décor which imparts a classic finishing touch. Wondering what kind of decorative articles are we talking about? We are here with plenty of décor items that you can pick that sit perfectly on your table and complements the character of your home the most. Whether you follow a traditional décor or modern, showpieces and artifacts are a must to add richness to your humble abode.


We give into cheap decoration and regret it later because it gradually loses its color and becomes brittle. When it comes to decorating spaces, you should be confident about their texture and quality. The quality of figurines and other decorative articles shouldn’t be compromised. It should also be kept in mind especially when you gift this to someone.

WallMantra’s select range of table accents, figurines, and vases are double-checked in terms of quality and ingenuity. We understand your taste and the way you want to adorn your space, therefore, we got you few amazing home accents to impress you and your guests. Find about the best pieces below:


Vintage Butterflies Tree Table Accent

This pretty piece of art is infused with art and sheer creativity. It is an amalgamation of the traditional and the modern aspects of decor. The concept of the mystical tree is something that is long known, and to mold it into a top-class table accent is an artisan’s creative approach. Place it on your living room desk or even in the bedroom and witness the beauty yourself.

Resting Hummingbirds Metal Table Accent

Do you only want to go for minimalistic décor and not the flaunting ones? These striking metal table accents featuring two hummingbirds could be your perfect choice. It is articulately designed to fit on your tabletop along with other simple objects which you wish to put on your table. The simple yet classy décor fits anywhere you wish to put it. The bar gets raised on your table with these little pieces.

Theatrical Faces Sculpture

Wallmantra takes pride in presenting this incredibly thoughtful figurine. The exquisite artistry and sheer craftsmanship is just magnificent to say the least. It can grace any space with it’s mere presence. It’s a visual metaphor of Mahatma Gandhi’s famous “Three wise monkeys”. The antique texture blended with a modern outlook makes this showpiece one of the best that one can have.

Deer Of Paradise Table Décor

This piece of décor is highly recommended if you love to put up a dreamy ambiance around your home. The amazing artifact featuring a mystic deer with a flowery head is something that is loved by minds full of creativity and mysteries. If you want a décor that connects with your subtle imagination, this metal table accent is all you need.  Place it on your living room desk and see how instantly it impresses your guests.

Black Magic Flower Rose

Once you’re done with showpieces and accents for your shelves and table, don’t forget to put a cheery on the top with a vase. This luxurious black flower glass vase looks enchanting wherever you wish to put it. Embrace it with bunch of red roses, especially during festivities and special occasions to impress your guests with it’s striking appearance.

Feng shul Mother And Baby Horse Statue

This surreal art piece conveys a very heartwarming message of a mother’s love. It can safely be deemed as one of the most beautiful figurine inside-out. You can place this beauty both in a living room or bedroom. It can also be counted as one of the most thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Luxe White Modern Art Reindeer Figurine

This iconic set of reindeer showcases an exotic finish that represents sophistication and class. It perfectly matches modern and classy décor, as it’s an amazing Nordic home accessory.     You can witness the incredible detailing of the golden horns which makes it even more alluring.

Bottom Line

Interior designing might seem a task initially, but with a little help, it’s the most engaging activity. All you need to do is, understand your own taste and put it forth in the form of an object. You should always remember that you must choose art that reflects your character. Your walls and tables define your way of living, and choosing objects it wisely is a smart move. Wallmantra helps you in every step of the process with its an artistic collection of home décor. Visit us today and explore more to make a perfect home interior. From table accents to table lamps, you get all under one roof. Choose a better interior today


WallMantra is a trusted eretail platform for home/office decorative products. At WallMantra, we offer Paintings, Clocks, Mirrors, Planters, Frames, Aquariums, Lamps, Wallpapers/stickers, Decorative Wall Plates, etc. in several shapes, designs, and sizes at reasonable prices. We are acknowledged for offering high-quality decorative products, timely delivery, and excellent customer care support.

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