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Ekostay Casa Porto Villa

 Casa Porto Villa


Ekostay Casa Porto Villa is a place where dreams come true !

In ancient Goa, the beautiful and charismatic Portuguese buildings can be found all over the place, like the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Portuguese church of Santa Maria de Gracia.

Now those breathtaking and majestic buildings are available for rent, and if you want to explore them further, the Ekostay Casa Porto Villa is just the place for you. The gorgeous architectural grandeur and magnificent decor make this a real place to enjoy your holidays.

One of the major attractions of this Goa villa is that it is located at the very end of the Goa highway. This location makes it convenient for travelers coming from any direction, as well as from the heart of the city, New Goa. There are many hotels in Goa that offer luxurious amenities to their guests. But the Ekostay Casa Porto Villa is completely different.

The beautiful architecture and decor of this Goa villa completely set it apart from the rest of the luxurious hotels and resorts. It was built-in 18isher era by a family headed by Portuguese merchant tycoon, Joao Vasco de Lopes. As the name suggests, the place has an extensive garden which is surrounded by a wall, and it has been shaped into a mansard-design house with an elevated viewing point.

The home has five bedrooms, two bathrooms and spacious terraces. Inside the villa there are four spacious lounge rooms which have a balcony. You can enjoy a good view of the sea from the verandah of this lovely place.

The place has a pool and there are various restaurants located here. The restaurants are called “Casa dos Grazies”. The best time to eat here is between afternoon and evening. You can also try out the seafood curry which is prepared by a native fisherman.

The view of this beach is absolutely stunning. If you are feeling lazy, you can sunbathe on the beach and listen to the waves rolling in. You can have your drinks at the waterfront bar. The cost of stay is nominal and you will get ample parking space. The accommodation offers a spacious and comfortable environment for your holiday.

The Ekostay Casa Porto Villa is just twenty minutes away from the city of Goa. Once you reach here, you will find that there is hardly anyone at the villa. You are actually living your holiday at this serene location. The villa staff are extremely kind and they do make you feel at home. This is a large scale property and it feels as though you are living in your own country.

The cost of staying at this villa is slightly high but you can recover that at the end of the day. It is located at a very healthy location. You can explore this place all by yourself. The views are superb and you can see everything that is happening at this place. The cuisine that is served in this villa is absolutely worth appreciating. It has been created with the best intentions to suit the guest who comes to enjoy it.

The pool of water is quite big and it is a place where you can enjoy some peace and solitude. There is a spa attached to the villa, which will help you rejuvenate. Another thing about this place is that you can spend your whole day having fun as you swim around in the pool. You do not even need to hire a swimsuit because this place has a beach.

The Ekostay Casa Porto Villa is also located at a very peaceful location. This is just two kilometers away from Goa city. You can reach this place in less than fifteen minutes. There is a direct bus service from the airport to the resort. The accommodation also includes a restaurant that serves local cuisine.

In case you want to have some shopping, then you need not leave this place. There are two big shopping malls that are located near the villa. The villa also has a restaurant that serves international dishes.

Ekostay Casa Porto Villa is also suitable for all seasons and it remains an accommodation that people come back to year after year. It does not matter what your budget is. You can find the perfect place here. This is a place where you will feel that you are home. The people are very warm and they will make you feel welcome. The prices are reasonable and you can even save money by eating at the villa.

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