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Egyptian Scarab Meaning and symbol

A Symbol That Never Dies

The Egyptian Scarab was a famous symbol of rebirth and eternal life in ancient Egypt. The scarab beetle was seen as the embodiment of the god Khepri. He who rolled the sun across the sky, pushing it into place each day. Scarabs were commonly carved out of stone or molded from copper and placed in tombs to ensure the immortality of these essential citizens. They show their importance by appearing on many Egyptian icons such as amulets, jewelry, seals, and jars. Read on to learn more about this symbol for rebirth and eternal life.

The Meaning of the Egyptian Scarab

The scarab beetle represents two critical things in ancient Egyptian mythology: It is the essence of Khepri, who moved the sun across the sky, and the first sign of the Egyptian new year. Second, it represents the will of the gods.

The Scarab was one of the four basic shapes of Khepri’s body, which he portrayed in his statues in temples. The Scarab was a magic symbol for the sun god in Egypt and symbolized his sun placement in the sky every day.

He is the symbol of new beginnings and fresh beginnings. The earth and its living things need a constant reminder that there is still life in the world. This connection with the life force also shows that this cycle of life is repeated when the sun dies.

The Symbolism of the Egyptian Scarab

In many cultures, the scarab beetle is seen as the embodiment of the god Khepri. The term Khepri means “Ra in the Nile.” Khepri is the personification of Ra in the Underworld. Khepri, the God of Power, was always shown with a golden, red, or black scarab beetle. The Scarab was seen as a symbol of transformation and regeneration. Khepri changed his form to that of a black beetle when he returned to the Underworld each year to spend another year as the sun, but when he reappeared on the morrow, he appeared as a black and red scarab beetle. It is thought that Khepri was said to have crawled out of the primordial ooze and stitched together the first Scarab from mud. Thus, the Scarab became a symbol of eternal life and rebirth.

The Significance of the Egyptian Scarab

Scarabs were often placed inside tombs to guard the deceased against death and the Underworld. This happened when the new ruler usurped the rightful ruler and put him in a grave, resulting in death. The new ruler assumed his role as the Sun God, and instead of burying the defeated ruler in the sand, they poured the dead body into a tomb with a snake in the center. The snake placed the pit of the deceased into the heart of the earth and prevented its escape and return to life.

The worship of Khepri had many effects on society, including that everything would return to order at the beginning of every spring and that the cycle of life would continue.

The Sickness Ritual: The Boy Who Believed He Was From Khepri

On an exciting note, a sick boy believed that he was from Khepri.

The Importance of the Scarab in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, everything was associated with the sun goddess, Ra. Many deities were associated with him, including Khepri. Throughout the land, people would sacrifice animals and even people to her to assure her favor. To ensure a good year, a scarab (Egyptian: seek or shir) would be placed inside the meal of a deceased person on their first anniversary. During the day, this Scarab would roll across the sky as a symbol of the sun’s passage across the heavens. At night, it would make a loud noise like a locust. When the Scarab made its noise, it meant that it would take a day’s rest by going to sleep while the sun would sleep. The next day, the following year, and the years that came after it would be “reborn.”

How the egyptian Scarab Is Still Relevant Today

We see the Scarab on many adornments.

Even today, a scarab can be seen on many products. Popular items include the August brand, synonymous with the classic Egyptian Scarab, which bears the double Egyptian Scarab or doubles “GGG.” These items are great to make gifts for various occasions. For instance, it is available in a wooden stand or a blue glass.

The standard double Egyptian Scarab is part of many adornments and jewelry pieces.

Since the Scarab has a long history, it has been transferred to many products. Scarab jewelry is trendy, and a double Egyptian scarab has the symbology of immortality and the idea that the two sides of the Scarab symbolize two different sides of the soul. That is to say, and the amulets represent the duality of the human being.


Scarabs were once a sign of prosperity and success in ancient Egypt. The symbol is still used today by many people worldwide as a symbol of renewal and growth. So whether you use this symbol in your home or office or just as a piece of decorative jewelry, the symbol will surely remind you of a time when you were so concerned with your personal goals and dreams that you forgot to take time to celebrate them.


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