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Egyptian necklace : buying guide

Here is the Egyptian necklace buying guide. Egyptians believed that a person’s soul was made up of five parts: the Ren (heart and emotions), the Ba (personality and memories), the Ka (physical form and life force), the Sheet (shadow self), and the Ib (intuition). They also believed that these five parts could be seen as different animals. The Ren was seen as a bird, the Ba as a human, the Ka as a falcon, the Sheet as a crocodile, and Ib as an ape. These animals were related to different gods too. The Ren was associated with Geb, god of earth; the Ba with Osiris, god of death; and so on. The animal representing each part is shown in an Egyptian neckline e.


What are Egyptian necklaces?

Ancient Egyptian women wore jewelry all the time, but Egyptian women weren’t restricted to just gold necklaces and coins. They made a range of Egyptian jewelry to keep their status and wealth.

For example, some Egyptians used large gold coins as necklaces. These ladies were the wives of Egyptian royalty and used coins from their husbands’ treasuries to make these necklaces.

In more modern times, people have worn beads and stones to express their spiritual beliefs and desires. These necklaces are often sold as hand-woven, so they may be in a fabric that is from your home country or from abroad. Many vendors, like Darina, bring them to the United States from other countries like Africa, India, and Bangladesh.

Where did they come from?

The earliest form of Egyptian jewelry dates back to the Middle Kingdom and the Old Kingdom.

These necklaces, typically made of precious metals and stones, are typically made up of either white gold or white pearl.

Egyptian necklaces made of colored stones and gems didn’t appear until the reign of Ramesses III, who married an Achaemenid princess named Iset (better known today as Cleopatra).

More specifically, Egyptian jewelry dates back to the reign of Akhenaten (a son of Amenhotep III), who introduced many of his pieces of jewelry, most of which have been lost over time.

Where do they come from now?

The most common modern necklaces in Egypt come in the form of golden chains (and sometimes gold bracelets).

But Egyptians have been wearing necklaces of one type or another for centuries. During the Mummy era, Egyptian women wore necklaces with animal heads, gemstones, and turquoise.

They also wore beaded necklaces with matching earrings, called sapphires, and wore them with colored neckties or pantaloons.

It was believed that these necklaces would protect their wearers from illness and bad luck.

Ancient Egyptians weren’t the only ones who used jewelry as a form of protection. Ancient Greeks believed that putting a gold coin on your pillow at night would ensure your soul would enter paradise.

How can you wear it?

The following Egyptian necklaces are a few of the most popular styles:

3. Naga and Jugal Necklaces

Most often worn by women, naga and jugal necklaces are also known as Egyptian pentacle necklaces. They consist of a brass or gold chain that has a circle or rectangle cross-section and a large bead on the center. The necklace comes in different sizes and you can choose whether it has a circle, triangle, or circular cross-section.

4. Karat Gold Knotted Serpent Necklace

The karat gold knotted serpent necklace is one of the most popular styles, especially among celebrities. The karat gold necklace consists of a tiny gold serpent on a fine gold chain that is knotted. It comes in a variety of sizes and looks great with a silk or a satin dress.


Different styles of Egyptian necklaces

There are many styles of Egyptian necklaces, so choosing one to wear can be daunting. However, the styles of Egyptian necklaces have remained the same over the centuries. Below are some of the most common styles, and what they mean:

Prestige or gemstone necklaces

While the classic beaded style of Egyptian necklaces is still around, there are also gemstone necklaces that are even more beautiful. The gemstones come in a variety of colors, and they often appear to be handcrafted, adding to the higher quality of the jewelry.

These types of necklaces have a very distinct look. They often feature a beaded design with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Gemstone stones also create a sparkle when viewed from an angle.

Hieroglyphics are the representation of the Egyptian language.


The variety of materials and styles makes the Egyptian necklace one of the most highly coveted pieces of jewelry for men today. Whether you want to own one for yourself or you want to give one as a gift, you’ll find it here!

Find Egyptian necklaces that are perfect for your style here:

Necklaces for men

Temple statues can be a fun accessory for all occasions. Men can wear them for any kind of celebration, including birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. They can also be worn for spiritual reasons, especially if they feature gods or gods’ symbols like Aset’s hands or Osiris’s face.

Temple statues for men can be worn over


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