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Effective Social Media Marketing for an Event Management Business

Establish a Renowned Event Management Company.

Social media marketing plays a vital role in achieving the primary goal of the event management company. However, people spend a lot of time online communicating with others, but in-person activities are still the best. Conferences, talks, concerts, and other large-scale events provide excellent opportunities to meet current and new consumers, and they can benefit practically any company. If you want people to show up, though, you must market to them where they are already—on social media.

Before social media, live events were the ultimate social forum. Thus it makes sense to use social media for marketing your next live event. In fact, 88% of marketers today claim they utilize it to promote their events since it is a good way to improve attendance, exchange information, and get feedback from previous and potential guests.

Here are aspects to help you get started with social media strategy for events.

An Event Management Business Can Stand Out and Increase Their Awareness with The Help of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategy plays a vital role in reviving an event management brand. Also, those brands that are suffering from high competition can succeed with the help of social media marketing. Some event brands are hiring digital marketing experts to design and execute social media marketing strategies for them.

1.      Use Event Pages and Hashtags

Although you may be holding an event to help build your business, social media marketing for events focuses on the event itself rather than your company. As a result, you should establish a Facebook event for the occasion. Facebook events encourage people to RSVP to your event, and Facebook will remind them of the date and time. On this Facebook RSVP, make sure to provide all pertinent details for your event.

You can also build event-specific social media profiles, which are suggested on Twitter and Instagram. This can keep you from losing followers on your main pages, which can happen if you post too much about events they don’t care about. Ensure that the event profiles are linked to your firm somehow so that people are aware that it is your event.

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Suppose we were having a conference called Digital Marketing Expo, for example. In that case, we could name our Facebook event, LinkedIn group, Twitter profile, and any other event-specific social account “DesignHours Financial Planning Expo.

To use, you need also develop an event-specific hashtag that is consistent with the event’s name. If your hashtag’s name is too long, abbreviate it to something easier to remember, such as #DesignHoursFinancialExpo21. Encourage all attendees and anybody who wants to follow along with the event to use the hashtag.

2.      Use Existing Profile to Create Awareness

You want people to start participating with your social media assets once you’ve created them. There are numerous ways to route traffic to these profiles, but you may start by directing them from your own Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites.

Of course, as previously stated, you don’t want to bother followers who aren’t interested in the event. In your posts, don’t go into too much information; instead, focus on one key feature or benefit, such as a well-known speaker or a looming deadline.

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Start marketing the event a few months ahead of time to generate interest. Remember to promote the event on your social media platforms at least once every two weeks, if not more, depending on your posting frequency.

3.      Showcase Past Events

Consumers are less trusting in marketing campaigns than in the past. Use films, images, and other media to give attendees a better idea of what to expect when they come to your event.

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You can gather images from your staff and previous attendees; compile them together for a complete picture of your events. Make photo slideshows or edit a highlight movie. Include testimonials from satisfied participants and links to blogs if someone blogged about their experience at the event.

Because you won’t have to acquire all of these assets for the following event, this phase will be easier. Instead, they’ll be right there on the event pages you set up to promote it.

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4.      Provide Unique Incentives

Many businesses provide discounts and other incentives to social media followers in exchange for their loyalty. These incentives might be offered to potential guests who follow you on social media. Offer an early bird discount or a chance to win cash and prizes to anyone who registers for the event or festival or buys tickets before a specified date.

Event Management Business

5.      Use Call To Action

The purpose of social media marketing for events is to convey information about the event. What do you want your followers to do once they know what to expect? Every time you post about your impending event, include a call to action.

Match the call to the message if there are multiple things you want attendees to undertake as part of your digital marketing strategy. People may sign up or desire to join your mailing list for future updates at the beginning. As the event approaches, these CTAs should focus on things like registering for breakout sessions and reserving discounted travel and lodging. Include everything you want them to do in every post and tweet.

6.      Engage With Positive Feedback

One of the main points that people spend so much time on social media is to receive unvarnished feedback from other customers. Of course, this implies that they use it to express their own viewpoints. Take advantage of both of these habits by encouraging previous attendees to tell their followers about their experiences via social media marketing.

Include an evaluation sheet in each guest package so they may provide suggestions for the next event. Invite participants to share their experiences by posting to your event page or tweeting with your hashtag.

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You might give an incentive such as a lottery entry after finishing the evaluation or providing feedback to promote participation.

Do you require assistance?

Because social media Marketing is a location where people gather to discuss ideas, it’s an ideal platform for promoting events where people gather to discuss ideas. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with using social media marketing to advertise your next event (or any other component of your company’s marketing strategy). DesignHours experienced staff of a 360-degree business solution provider will gladly assist you with any area of your online presence.

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