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eCommerce Website Development Easy To Become An Entrepreneur

Presently, everyone gets addicted to smartphones and smart apps eCommerce website development

Presently, everyone gets addicted to smartphones and smart apps. Smart mobiles help to make our work easier and more convenient and also furnish an infinite level of entertainment too. This increased demand and heavy profit, are the retina eye-catching ones to most entrepreneurs and tune their focus on eCommerce website development.

Shopping apps are one of the major platforms, where people engage more and spend half their time scrolling for the desired products. As technology evolves quickly, these apps are getting modernized and savvier, which furnishes a complete comfort zone for shopping freaks. 

Hence, these apps are getting more demand in the online space. And also shares a big revenue among all the online businesses in the industry. 

If you are also in the same probing, this is an article solely for you to know the immense value of starting an eCommerce marketplace app and website. 

Upcoming Scope Of The eCommerce Website Development

Undoubtedly, there is a tremendous future for eCommerce apps. This is only due to the increase in smartphone users. According to a report, the transaction value of eCommerce reached over $700 billion in the years 2019 and 2020. That’s about 40% of global transactions occurring through the eCommerce marketplace

This percentage is continuing to increase year over year. And the user base would also get enlarged day by day. 

Here are the other reinforcements of our statements, that meet your queries.

According to the current report, there are over 3 billion global online buyers, which is a percentage of 29 percent of the entire population. The revenue of these online shopping transactions is approximately 900 billion, which is only in the year 2020-2021. 

This will surely get raised in the present and upcoming years, due to the comfort over the purchase of online shopping apps. There are many conveniences like offers, deals, product comparison, doorstep deliveries, easy return policies, and authorized processes. 

Hence this data will be increased soundly and about 95% of the shopping process will occur online by the year 2035 which is after 10 years. Therefore, there will be a big online community for shopping app marketplaces.

By this, you will get a clear idea about the future scope of eCommerce apps. This will be the perfect time for you to enter the online shopping industry. 

Let you invade into the development of your shopping app like Amazon, Shopify, etc.

Develop Your Amazon Like App With Grabbing Feature Functionality

Building your app with advanced features will attain consumers quickly. But, it’s important to develop your shopping app with amazing basic features that should perform phenomenally on all devices. 

Let’s see the basic MVPs your app should give the users better.

Authorized User Registration

The user’s authorization in the login process is usually implemented with the direct client-server API. This is for regular login by entering the data of the users. Provide your shopping app with an easy login for users, by entering via their existing social media accounts. This could be processed by using third-party credentials, but your app does not need to store the data of the users. This can be equipped with open protocols for authorization like oAuth.

Dynamic Catalogs With a Variety Of Categories For eCommerce Website Development

Your shopping app should give a pleasant user experience to all your users. It’s significant to provide your app with dynamic catalogs with a lot of categories. This should be in the manner of category, parent category, subcategory, and more. Maintain your app with a hierarchical structure that will ease your user search in picking their desired products. 

Develop your app like amazon to have the real-time ability, that should keep and maintain the goods or products available in the warehouse automatically eCommerce website development.  

Order Tracking

For every user, it’s very curious to know their order status. Let’s make your app with a real-time tracking report. This will ensure the user about their purchase and allow them to know how the order is processed by the seller. Make the status clear without just giving shipped, processed, and delivered. Instead, provide these details with the exact locations. Furnishing these data will help the users to know their exact purchase happenings.

Push Notifications

Creating your app with instant push notifications with assured settings is not a simple process. These are processed by the client-server API. And exploitation involves the specific servers for every operating system. That means for the IOS app creation it needs Apple Push Notification and for the Android it needs Google cloud messaging servers. So, make your app with these live notifications features. 

Shopping Cart And Wishlist

Shopping apps without a shopping cart are not possible. It’s highly essential like a basket during the shopping. Your users can surf the products and put them in the shopping cart, whenever it is required they will add or remove and continue their purchase with the payment option. Hence make your app with this amazing feature that makes your users shopping smart. 

Incorporating wishlists in this combo will help the user to store their desired products and can see them without surfing again and again. If they want to purchase the product they can easily move it to their cart and can buy it with a single click. 

Various Payment Integrations

Allow your app with all types of digital transactions that help your users to engage with their shopping, which avoids quitting their transaction method. Some of the popular payment methods are card payment, Paypal, direct transfer to a certain account, UPI transaction, COD with charges, etc. This can be updated frequently as per the trends of the payment process. 

Support Your Consumers 24*7

Many shopping apps like Amazon are failing due to their lag in customer support. Apply your app with all the customer support features like online chat, call, and mail. And set enough supporting employees to deal with the queries of the consumers. 

Develop your app with AI functionality that will enhance the customer support process through chatbots. Program it with a certain process algorithm to help the user with major common problems. This will move directly to the respective employee to process the consumer query faster. Immediate replies in the online chat will enhance the consumer experience in your support process eCommerce website development. 

The above are the important aspects of Amazon like eCommerce app features. You can integrate these features with advanced ones like,

  • Shopping Assistant
  • Currency converter
  • Virtual shopping experience with the realistic videos
  • Compare features with all specifications of the respective products
  • Coupon gifts and premium options
  • Virtual fitting space for satisfying the purchase
  • Expensive purchase analysis and instant gift cards
  • Free delivery lists and specifications

So, let you try to build your app with the above smart features that will keep your Amazon-like app a more trendy one. Your hard work in spending the development part of your eCommerce app will result in a big, that will help to enlarge your eCommerce app scope with a big influence. 


All the success of your shopping app is both in technical and the physical qualities you are going to furnish for the users in their purchase. Initially, set your technical platform first, and add more useful and funny features that should enhance your user experience that makes them engage with your eCommerce app more. 

Let you move to find the best eCommerce website development company that will make your Amazon-like app business idea.


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