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Here’s How to Register An Online Slot Agent With Its Benefits

slot pragmatic
slot pragmatic bet kecil dan gampang menang

There are several mechanisms and conditions for listing slot pragmatic agents. Because not everyone can register to be a gambling agent on certain betting sites. Thus, you must complete the requirements and pass the mechanism set by the bookies as the official online slot gambling agency.

Since the coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia, some people have had to be homeless and have experience mass layoffs from where they work. As a result, many people then turn into betting game agents.

Because the income of being an online betting agent slots is unlimited. Therefore, know in advance how to become an agent. Also, know how much profit the betting agent gets.

How to Register An Online Slot Agent on a Trusted Online Betting Site

Registering as a betting agent on this trusted online gambling website is quite easy. A bettor just needs to prepare all the requirements to register. The requirements required are quite easy to meet.

If you do not complete the requirements requested by the dealer, then the bettor’s request to join as an agent cannot be processed by the dealer. To that end, here’s how to register as a slot agent on a trusted gambling website. Among them are the following:

Completing the Requirements Set by Bookmakers

First, complete all the requirements to become a “sales” of the online gambling gaming site you join. The bettor must have a valid ID card (KTP/SIM/Passport).

Then, the bettor is also obliged to become a member first on the site where he joined. And the last requirement is to have an account number in the name of a person. If you have not completed the requirements, then you can take care of them first.

Fill out the Online Gambling Agent Registration E-Form

Second, please visit the gambling site where you joined as a member. Then, find the menu to join the online slot betting website sales. After that, a bettor must fill in the registration e-form first.

After filling out the registration e-form, click submit and submit the requirements submitted by the dealer. Wait a few days for validation of the data you submitted. If you are accepted as an agent of the betting site, then the bettor will get the agency referral code.

Start Marketing Sites to
Third, immediately market the gambling site where you are sheltering to a relationship or acquaintance. If they are interested in joining, then help the prospective bettor to register as a member.

Don’t forget, use the agency referral code obtained from the dealer. The more people who use your agency’s referral code, the greater the income fee obtained from the city.

Calculating The Revenue of Pragmatic
Slot Online Game Agents

It’s no secret that the income of a slot online gambling site sales is unlimited. Because the commission earned from this bookmaker depends on your performance and skill in offering gambling games on the site.

To calculate your daily income, you can use examples or illustrations to calculate earnings from online gambling agencies. In one day, you managed to invite 2 people to become members. Then, the 2 people each deposited an initial deposit of Rp.1,000,000.

So, you get an income fee from the dealer of 1% to 2% of the total deposit of the person you invite. So, the total income fee obtained is Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 20,000.

Advantages Earned by Pragmatic Online Slot Gambling Agent

In addition to earning income fees and bonuses, you also get various benefits as a slot game agent. The first advantage, each agent will get creatives for free from the dealer.

So, you only have to edit a little creative before posting via social media. By placing ads through social media, the opportunity to invite people to join as members will be even greater. Thus, the income earned is getting bigger every day.

The second advantage is to be a priority bettor when you play gambling on a marketed site. By becoming a priority bettor, you can freely choose slot games without the need to queue or alternate with other bettors.

Since the corona pandemic began to spread in Indonesia, many people then turned into online betting agents. Because the income offered is quite tempting. For those who are interested, you can immediately find out how to register pragmatic online slot agents first.

slot pragmatic
slot pragmatic bet kecil dan gampang menang

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