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Easily Withdraw bitcoin from wallet to bank account

How to withdraw bitcoin from wallet to bank account

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and is the most popular digital currency in the world. Today is the era of the internet and people around the globe are trading online. People around the globe are trading in bitcoin online. Nowadays bitcoin trading at its boom and people from all over the world are investing in it on daily basis. In recent years the investors and multinational companies invested in bitcoin that’s the reason its price became so high. Now you can buy and sell bitcoin through your bank account via any of the exchanges. The most often asked question by the BTC traders is how to withdraw BTC from wallet to bank account? You can withdraw BTC from wallet to bank but only when you use a coinbase fiat wallet or any other exchange’s wallet. In simple words first, you have to exchange bitcoin at any of the bitcoin exchanges then you can withdraw cash into your bank account. 

 How to  withdraw bitcoin from Coinbase wallet to a Bank Account

Coinbase is an online platform used by cryptocurrency traders to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency. Coinbase provides a wallet to store or hold cryptocurrency. Most of the bitcoin holders use coinbase to hold BTC assets as it provides one of the secure wallets and you can make a transaction through wallet at any time. Coinbase provides the service to its clients to easily sell bitcoin to coinbase fiat wallet. You can sell any amount of bitcoin assets to the coinbase fiat wallet. After selling your bitcoin to coinbase fiat wallet it provides you the option to either transfer the money to your bank account or Paypal account. The procedure is as follows.

  • To withdraw your bitcoin assets, sign up to your Coinbase Commerce account. Register and Verify yourself.
  • After registration Login and click on the Withdraw button after selecting bitcoin in the cryptocurrency dropdown. 
  • A window will pop up then enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Select the bank account as your withdrawal method.

 Through this easy procedure, you can withdraw bitcoin from wallet to bank account easily and instantly. You can also withdraw your bitcoin from wallet to your Paypal account. The procedure to withdraw into a Paypal account is the same just you have to set the payment method as Paypal.

Cash-out Bitcoin Using a Crypto Exchange

The bitcoins in our account at the exchange are in the form of a digital code. But what can be done to convert this code into real financial resources? You can choose several solutions for this purpose. One of them is a sale of Bitcoin on an exchange for which the buyer is willing to pay a certain amount. Then the money stored on the exchange or in the wallet can be transferred to the account by arranging a transfer in the exchange system. Another option is ATM withdrawals with BLIK payments. For many, this is the easiest and fastest form of Bitcoin withdrawal that does not require providing personal information when using BLIK payments. It is sufficient to have a mobile phone or a special purse application with you. 

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