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Easiest Way To Pay UPCL bill payment Online

Make your UPCl Bill Payment online within few click and get 100% Cashback on UPCL Uttarakhand Electricity Bill Payment online at Recharge1

Now you can make UPCL bill payment online through Recharge1. Before knowing how to make payments, let us understand more about UPCL.

About UPCL

Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) is the company responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in Uttarakhand. In Uttarakhand, it is the sole distributor of power which manages 2600 MW daily demand of the 2.6 million consumers across the State. It is committed to supplying reliable power at an affordable cost to its consumers.

Brief History of the UPCL

The history of UPCL can be traced back to the erstwhile Uttarakhand State Electricity Board which was trifurcated to the enactment of the Uttaakhand Electricity Reforms Act, 1999. Thus U.P. Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL), U.P. Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited (UPJVNL), and U.P.Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited were formed.

Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on February 12, 2001, consequent upon the formation of the State of Uttarakhand. It was formerly Uttaranchal Power Corporation Ltd. UPCL has been entrusted to cater to the transmission and distribution sectors. Today UPCL, the State Power Distribution Utility of the Government of Uttarakhand (GoU) caters to the Sub- Transmission and Distribution Secondary Substations and Distribution Lines 66 KV below in the State.

How to View your UPCL Bill view or check?

If you have lost the physical UPCL bill or you are not at home to access the bill, you can view the bill online. The only thing you need to know is your CA Number or CA. Below are a few simple steps to check your UPCL online bill –

  • Go to the mention link: UPCl bill view
  • Enter the Electricity account number as it is in the UPCL bill
  • Enter your Mobile number
  • Click on Check Bill
  • UPCL bill details will be displayed on your screen with details such as Account No, Name,
    Address, Bill No, Bill Issue Date, Due Date, Net Amount, Surcharge, Gross Amount, and Payable
    amount. You can do UPCL Bill check.

 Why should you make UPCL online bill payment through Recharge 1?

Recharge1 is the solution for all your utility bill payments. Recharge1 is the most suitable website and app to make secure and quick online bill payments. Even UPCL bill payment is done instantly through Recharge 1. Also, it offers you an exclusive UPCL online bill payment benefit including discounts and cash back. You can pick the best offer for you and save on your bill payments online. You can get an instant reduction on your electricity bill when you make a payment through the Recharge1 portal.

Now in just a few clicks, you can pay your UPCL Bill Payment Online while getting a 100%
Cashback Offer & earning unlimited Recharge Points at Recharge1. UPCL Online bill payment can be
securely done through debit card, credit card, Master Card, VISA card, UPI, Recharge1 wallet, and net
banking. UPCL bill payment using Recharge1 is the easiest and a modest way.

Note: Get 100% cashback On Electricity Bill payment Online at Recharge1

How to make your UPCL Bill Payment Online?

Recharge1 is a one-stop solution for all utility bill payments as it is an effortless and ingenious online payment site. You don’t have to visit any UPCL office to pay the electricity bill or to know the details of the electricity bill as it can happen on the Recharge1 portal. Recharge1 is the most sorted option for making online UPCL electricity bill payment as it is an easy bill payment portal. You just need to know your CA number. You can make payments through any method like Debit Card, Credit Card, Wallet, Net Banking, and UPI to save time and effort. Below are a few simple steps that will help you make an UPCL bill online payment using Debit Card, Credit Card, Master Card, Net Banking, or UPI.

  1. Click the bill payment link: Upcl Bill Payment
  2. Enter the Electricity account number as it is in the UPCL bill
  3. Enter your Mobile number
  4. Click on Check Bill
  5. UPCL bill details will be displayed on your screen. You can do a UPCL Bill check.
  6. If details are correct click on Pay
  7. Login using OTP or password
  8. On the payment page select the payment mode you wish from Debit Card, Credit Card,
    Recharge1 Wallet, Net Banking, or UPI
  9. Fill in your details as per payment mode and complete your payment.
  10. On Successful transaction, you will be notified
  11. Your UPCL electricity bill payment is done successfully

Perks of making UPCL online bill payment on Recharge1

Recharge1 has a strong online presence for utility bill payments in India. It is very easy to make UPCL
online payments here. You can visit Recharge1 and register yourself as a UPCL customer only once and
then you just need to log in and your details will be automatically populated. Once registered, you need
not remember your account Id. Other than this there are many more benefits of making UPCL electricity
bill payment on the Recharge1 portal.

· Quick transactions for Uttarakhand electricity bill payment online through the Recharge1 app or
website. Also, you will get instant notifications about payment success or failure. So that your
time is not wasted on verifying whether the payment is made or not. The whole process of
payment happens in just a few clicks in minutes. Even if the transaction fails, a quick refund
process is initiated.

· Saving on a bill payment can happen when you pay through the Recharge1 app or website. You
may get discount coupons, instant discounts, cashback offers on UPCL bill payment. Using
Recharge 1 you will save some money. You can even get 100% cash back. There are no
additional charges or hidden charges.

· Safe and Secure Payments are guaranteed on the Recharge1 app or website. Transaction
information is confidential and not leaked to any third party. You can come back later and look
for the payment transactions for cross-verification. The information is up to date.

· Multiple Payment Options – Recharge1 offers you comprehensive payment options including
UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, and Recharge1 Wallet.

· Zero Charge Services – Recharge1 brings you a hassle-free UPCL bill payment platform that is
completely free. No fee is charged for using the platform for the service.

Recharge1 offers Cashback, Rewards on UPCL online bill payment

We all like it when we save a little extra money. On UPCL electricity bill payment on the Recharge1
platform, you will save some money through rewards like cash back, discounts, or coupons. Along with
easy payment anywhere anytime, you will also save some money when you do a Uttarakhand electricity
bill payment on Recharge1.

How to utilize Cash Rewards/ Cashback offers at Recharge1?

You have a chance to get 100% cash back or a cash reward every time you make your Uttarakhand
electricity bill payment online successfully on the Recharge1 platform. Other than this you can also avail
the latest offers or vouchers. Only a few lucky users get lucky vouchers utilizing which you can save
more at Recharge1. To make the best use of the offers like Cash Rewards/ Cashback at Recharge1 follow
these steps –

  1. Visit – Recharge1 Ecommerce Store
  2. Look for eligible products and add them to the cart
  3. Go ahead and buy these
  4. On the payment page, additional discounts happen automatically by fetching cash rewards/
  5. Now Cash Rewards/ Cashback is applied and you can buy with more discounts

What are UPCL Customer Care’s contact details?

· Customer Care Numbers – 1912 / 1800-419-0405
· Email – customercare@upcl.org

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