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Domination Of Top Tyre In Market

When considering what the integral components of any car are, tyres are no doubt at the top. Your tyre is the only component with which your car can establish a connection with the road. It is, therefore, crucial to understand the right tyre and the right fit for your car.

Unfortunately, a lot of car owners disregard the fact that quality tyres are important to maintain safety. It would help if you had tyres that can go on for a long time and give you your money’s worth.

There are several brands available in the market now, and to choose one can be quite an overwhelming one. Quality tyres will help in giving you peace of mind knowing you are making the right choice. Again, they give you comfort and safety in terms of better steering, handling and grip. If still looking for a reliable option, here are the top tyre brands dominating the global market.

Bridgestone- The Leading Name Among All

It is a Tokyo based tyre company that has gained popularity for years now in the international market. It is named after the founder of Bridgestone, Shojiro Ishibani. So whether you drive a commercial vehicle or a high-end luxury one, you would find Bridgestone tyres in almost every vehicle. They manufacture all kinds of Pirelli tyres Newbury no matter your requirements and have been the pioneer of quite a few tyre technologies.

Bridgestone is well known for sponsoring several sporting races, including the F1 and other international ones. But, not just heavy vehicles and cars, they also manufacture tyres for bikes. Not just tyre manufacturers, they have gained recognition by making quality golf products, bicycle brands, journalism and others.

Michelin- Manufactures Tyres For Every Vehicle

Michelin is a brand that has been contributing to the tyre industry since 1889. You would find Michelin tyres on cars, bikes, motorcycles, aeroplanes. Using the highest grade rubber and technology, they have gained a name as tyre manufacturers that focus on fuel efficiency. The low-risk factors coupled with the best performance has made it a customer favourite.

They supply in countries all over the globe and have worked with various sports events too. With exclusive tyre designs by experts from Michelin labs worldwide, they focus on every internal and external factor while designing them for optimum satisfaction.

Goodyear- Tyres That Are Made Of High-Grade Rubber

When it comes to tyres, quality matters the most, and quality can only be exceptional when the rubber used is formulated for efficiency and performance. Goodyear ranks in the third position globally, but in North America, it is a name everyone relies on. This Ohio based brand was founded in 1898. It supplies tyres for any vehicle movement application and is regarded as superior in terms of cost.

Goodyear also constitutes 75% shares of Dunlop tyres and also 100% of Kelly-Springfield. They are leaders in using advanced technology in manufacturing tyres that the automobile industry needs. However, never compromise quality by investing in cheap tyres Newbury as they not only deteriorate faster but jeopardise your life and harm your car components.

Continental- A Tyre Brand Luxury Car Brands Believe In

Being a Germany-based brand, they have been manufacturing special customised tyre options for various luxury car brands, including BMW and Mercedes. They laid their stone in 1871 and never had to look back since then, relying on using high-quality rubbers winning international acclaim.

They offer car owners a mix of driving comfort with great handling and specialised tyres for wet, icy roads and summer roads. Michelin tyres are not only manufactured for cars but are used for commercial fleets and passenger vehicles too. Their highway tyres, all-terrain tyres and all-season tyres are always in demand.

Therefore, these are the top four tyre manufacturer brands that all vehicle owners believe in. These companies never compromise on their quality and thrive by putting together technology and tyre industry demands and requirements and offering superior performance.

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