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Do You Store Your Organic Fruits Properly?

With the current challenging times, we have noticed so many changes in ourselves and our surroundings. The most prominent one being the urge of humans to consume only fresh eatables. This has encouraged many organic fruits delivery services to flourish. And the fear of moving out has encouraged online buying of healthy fruits and vegetables. 

And the internet has also helped people a lot. They only have to type “organic healthy fruits” and the list of all the service providers will come on your device. And this is much better than the traditional grocery markets, where there is not even the space to walk correctly.  

It is the best thing if you are buying organic fruits. But, it is also essential that you store them properly so that you do not waste them.  

After the non-renewable resources, fruits are the most wasted items in this world. Extra ripe mangoes, softened tomatoes, stale apples, and softened kiwis can not be eaten and make their way to the dustbin. It is the most heartfelt sadness. 

Gourmet Garden is one such farm-to-home grocery delivery business that aims to provide only the best, fresh, and organic fruits and vegetables to its customers. Along with being a hygienic delivery store, it has its farms where the crops are cultivated with a naturoponic method of farming.  

They are listed on the internet. So when you search for organic fruits delivery near me, you will get their name on the top. They practice an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and socially conscious method of farming. Their fruits are of the finest quality and taste the best.  

They produce a wide array of fruits, including avocados, mangoes, pomegranates, dragon fruit, muskmelon, pineapple, pear, litchi, imported blueberries, kiwi, guava, and passion fruit. All these fruits are produced without any use of pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers that make the fruit unfit for consumption. 

Healthy fruits are filled with nutrients and minerals, and if we have to throw them as waste, we are reducing the quantity for ourselves as well as others. So it is essential to keep them at the right temperature in the right place so that they are as good as fresh. 

Following are some tips and tricks that will help you retain the nutrient-packed organic fruits with you longer.  

  • Do not stuff your fridge. 

Many people use their fridge as a garbage bag and stuff everything in it. But this is precisely what you should not do. Every fruit, organic or not, has a different shelf life in the fridge. Even if you refrigerate them for long, they might rot. So, check the temperature scales before overloading your fridge

  • Wash fruits properly 

Washing fruits immediately after buying is essential. If you buy from organic fruit stores like Gourmet Garden, it is fine without washing. But other fruits might contain some pesticide that settles on them. So you need to wash them to decrease the chances of wastage.  

  • Keep apples away.  

Apples produce a little extra ethylene that causes other fruits to ripen faster. And too much ripe fruit does not taste good. Their nutrient content is also lost to some extent. So to avoid all this, what you should do is keep apples in a separate box.  

  • Store half-eaten fruits separately 

In the first place, you should not leave fruits half-eaten. But in case you are full at the moment and want to keep them till the evening or the following day, you can keep them tightly wrapped in a cloth or some other item which can stop them from drying.  

Organic fruits keep you refreshed and keep the nutrient balance in check. So, you must also make sure that you keep them safe and fresh. And the tips mentioned above will help you in the best manner to keep your fruits fresh for a long time.  

The synthetic chemicals are also harmful to the farmers as they are in the closest proximity to them. Gourmet Garden offers you with variety of healthy fruits that thinks about the farmers, animals, and the customers. It is a holistic farming system that does not harm the environment in any way.

The last two years have shown us the significance of eating fresh and organic fruits. And it is high time that we start eating healthy. We can not stop getting infected by any disease, but we can make our bodies resilient. It is best if you already consume organic. But if not, you need not worry. Just search for organic healthy fruits delivery, and you will get these nutrient-packed foods delivered to your doorstep. So do not wait and order your choice of healthy snacks now.  

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