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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Of Chrome Extensions

Amazing Chrome Extensions To Run Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing isn’t a new idea anymore. Keeping all the technical and in-depth definitions aside, how would you explain this concept in simple words?

It is the process of promoting products or services online.

So, basically, digital marketing is about focusing on the online market, finding new and existing customers online and reaching out to them with your services or products.

What if you could cover all the essential aspects of digital marketing with just a click on your device? This is where the role of Chrome extensions comes into play.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, extensions will make digital marketing 10X easier for you. From your competitor’s position in the market to the latest marketing trends in your niche, all the information will be available at your fingertips. Sounds convenient. Doesn’t it? So, here are the 13 best Chrome extensions you can install on your device to run a successful digital marketing campaign.

  1. SEO Pro Extension

Price– Free

70% of marketers consider SEO more effective than PPC. Let’s say you developed a website on CSE citation generator. The next steps include improving its rank on the SERPs, gathering SEO data and keeping an eye on the competitor’s websites. All these steps take time. However, the SEO Pro Extension can make things a tad easier for you.


  • Checks all the SEO-related factors in a website, such as meta description, meta-canonical URL, meta robots tags, sitemap.xml, core web vitals, etc.
  • Highlights nofollow links
  • Exports data in CSV format
  • Provides content recommendations such as content blocks, titles and H1s
  1. SEMRush


Price– Paid (Free trials are available for a limited time)

How often have you struggled to get a full breakdown of your website’s performance on Google, including its search traffic status? Well, from organic search, paid search to backlinks and display advertising, SEMRush can provide you with all the valuable pieces of information.


  • Monitors and manages your organic rankings
  • Conduct competitor analysis
  • Keeps track of your site’s performance on social media
  • Covers content marketing
  1. Wordtune

Price– Free version available

The quality of your content contributes to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Wordtune analyses your work and provides tips to refine it. I could develop a more compelling yet interesting approach while writing content using this tool.


  • Sentence formatting
  • Autocorrect
  • Grammar check
  • Engagement metrics
  1. Oktopost

Price: Paid

Do you use a social media account for your business? Then you must be familiar with the importance of publishing quality posts on social media and the consistency of your posts. So, Oktopost makes the task easier by letting you share posts directly from your browser.


  • Unified social inbox to engage with potential customers
  • Campaign calendar and analytics
  • LinkedIn group insights
  • Automatic scheduling of tweets or posts multiple times
  1. Buffer

Price– Free version is available.

Buffer has the same basic purpose as Oktopost, except the latter focuses more on B2B social media marketing. You can share any number of articles on your social media accounts with a click.


  • Shareable from any app
  • Schedules native retweets
  • Schedules and provides reminders for Instagram posts
  • Enables drag and drop feature to copy posts from social media
  1. BuzzSumo

Price- Paid

Let’s say you published a piece of content on your website. Now how is the content performing amidst your competitors? This is what BuzzSumo can help you with. This extension shows you how several pieces of content are performing on the web, whether it’s yours or your competitors.


  • Lets you view the most shared content
  • Conducts content analysis
  • Creates a list of trending posts
  • Finds Twitter influencers for you
  1. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


Price- Free

Having a website isn’t enough to build an audience online. You should optimise your website for search engines. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar helps beginners create an SEO-optimised site. It also experts identify the flaws in the SEO-related factors of their websites.


  • Broken link checker
  • Redirect tracer with HTTP headers
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Keyword metrics like keyword difficulty and search volume
  1. MozBar

Price- Free

Teams of digital marketers often end up investing a great deal of time in analysing links (external, internal, follow and no-follow.) Now you can get the same task done within a few seconds using MozBar.


  • Checks domain authority and page authority of websites
  • Highlights keywords on any web page
  • Provides a complete breakdown of links on any webpage
  • Exports SERPs data to a separate file
  1. Hashtest

Price: Free

Hashtags act as keywords of social media. These help users see more relatable posts and pictures on Instagram. If done right, hashtags can increase your brand’s online exposure and drive quality traffic to your site. Hashtest analyses the quality and value of hashtags. So, you can use the ones that are popular among your target audience.

So, what does Hashtest exactly do?

The tool analyses the most popular hashtags based on specific niches and conveys them to you. It collects hashtags from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  1. Grammarly

Price– Free version is available

The quality of your content determines the outreach of your online business. That means you can’t expect higher ranks in SERPs if your blog posts are grammatically incorrect. This is where Grammarly comes in. This extension helps you write grammatically accurate blog posts easily.


  • Analyses the word choice, capitalisation, punctuation and phrasing to detect the tone in your writing
  • Suggests relevant synonyms in case your post looks redundant
  • Helps you curate clear and engaging content
  • Catches inconsistent hyphens, spellings, capitalisation
  1. Save to Pocket

Price– Free

I often come across impressive pieces of content, but I don’t want to share them right then. So, I use Save to Pocket to save the post and use it at my convenience. You can also save the page you like without any hassle and use it when you want.


  • Saves unlimited videos, articles and blogs
  • Synchronises your articles and blog posts automatically across different devices
  • Lets you keep track of your saved items.
  • Enables saving from apps as well, such as Twitter, Flipboard, etc.
  1. Keywords Everywhere

Price– Free version available

Searching for the right set of keywords can be the deciding factor for the online visibility of your website. Keywords Everywhere let you conduct thorough keyword research with just a click. Specify the niche of your business and the keywords will be at your fingertips.


  • Lets you download the keywords you want in the form of PDF files or Excel
  • Narrows down the results for you based on regions
  • Saves all keywords on one page for future research
  • Imports keywords and generates their volume metrics
  1. ly.com

Price– Free

This extension lets you shorten or edit links. You can also save and share content right from your browser into the account registered on the bit.ly account. The best thing about this extension is that it helps you brand the domain and customise it as per your business goal.


  • Optimises your marketing efforts
  • Delivers insights about your website performance
  • Shortens and brands the links you want
  • Tracks individual link analytics

Wrapping Up,

Confused about getting your screen all clogged up with all the extensions? Well, there’s an extension to help you with that as well. Download one-click extensions manager and manage all the extensions under one roof. The processes involved in a digital marketing campaign are quite interesting only if you know the smart ways to get them done. Good Luck with your online venture.

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