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Different Stages Of Labor Pain

It might be right to say that the 9 months of pregnancy can be the best part of a woman’s life. She might be very excited to end it as well so that she can be provided with the bundle of joy in the form of a baby. The expected dates are always forecasted earlier so that the pregnant woman is made aware of the things that might happen dear the due dates. All the ladies suffer the labor pains which are divided into three parts. It is very important to understand these stages and should know when to rush to a doctor. For more information about this, it is great to visit Mommywize, as it is an online platform that provides all the required information related to women of all age groups.

Here is the list of the stages given below:

  • Early labor: It is the time when the women start to have labor pains and it is an indication that there is little time left for the birth of the baby. These might not be too strong at an initial stage and might last for about 30-45 seconds. This will prepare the cervix to open and get more soften. The women will start feeling the pressure of the baby dropping into the birth canal. The women will start feeling a little uncomfortable at this moment, it is time to tell the doctor and the expected women should rest properly retain back the energy to give birth.
  • Active labor: In this, the woman will start to feel the pain more frequently and the intensity also increases. The simple rule to decide when to go to a hospital is the 5-1-1 rule. The contractions happen every 5 minutes that too for 1 minute and it been 1 hour that the woman is experiencing it., So it is time to head to the hospital immediately. There might be other symptoms as well like nausea, leg cramps, blood in vaginal discharge, water breaking, serve back pain, etc. In this, the diameter of the cervix starts widening from 4 cm to 10 cm.
  • The second stage: It is the time when the cervix is fully ready to give birth to a baby. In this, the women will experience even more intense and longer contractions that will last for one to two minutes. Here the woman needs to stay relaxed and find the position that will help in bearing the pain. It will be very relaxing to take cold or hot face wash and better keep yourself hydrated.
  • Third stage: it is the final stage that comes after the delivery of the baby and it will include the placenta and membranes. The women might more contraction in the placenta and might feel fullness in the vagina.

So it is very important to reach the hospital as soon as the woman experiences the serve pain. The doctors wait for the other stages to come and get the woman ready for the delivery time. It is better to see the condition of the body and then only rush to the hospital. For the rest details, you can visit Mommywize.

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