You wouldn’t go bushwalking in thongs, and you wouldn’t go to the beach in hiking boots. Off-road tyres are specifically designed and built for a variety of lifestyles, from lengthy touring to extreme climbing and everything in between 4×4 TYRES.

Installing an unfit-for-purpose tyre raises the danger of damage, leakage, and, just simply, a loss of traction, so be sure you have the right rubber on every edge of your 4×4. Decent off-road tyres for your 4×4 are crucial, and making sure they’re suitable for your riding trip is the key.


Simply put, there are three types of 4×4 tyres:  All Terrain (A/T), Mud Terrain (M/T) and Highway Terrain (H/T), as well as Light Truck (L/T) construction, each of which has a set of advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of off-roading you want to perform. 4×4 Tyres Lincoln are better fitted to SUVs and off-road vehicles.


All-terrain (A/T) radials are radials that are commonly seen on SUVs and vehicles that drive on a variety of surfaces, including tarmac, dirt tracks, mud, sand, rivers, and mountainous terrain. A/T tyres contain thick lugs on the tyre tread, similar to off-road tyres, but the lugs seem to be tighter compared to off-road tyres.  Narrow gaps in between lugs on the tread of the tyre reduce rolling noise on the tarmac, but chunky lugs on the tyre tread make it simpler for the tyres to gain a grip on loose ground.

All-terrain Car Tyres Lincoln tyres are made of tougher rubber, which makes them more durable than normal road tyres. These tyres have strengthened sidewalls to withstand damage from sharp pebbles and other hazards found on cross-country routes.

When opposed to conventional road tyres, the disadvantage of utilising all-terrain tyres on tarmac is the increased rolling noise. The cost of all-terrain tyres is considerably higher.


Mud terrain tyres, or just mud tyres, are typically an alternative choice offered for four-wheel drive cars. They’re distinguished by a thick bulky tread pattern that excels in muddy conditions to provide the necessary traction. The big tread blocks, which have been distinguished by wide and deep grooves, prevent mud from invading and adhering to the tread, whereas the mud that has clung to the grooves is thrown away by the sufficient rotation of the tyres.


Highway tyres include tread patterns comparable to passenger vehicle tyres, prefer road to mud, and are designed with an emphasis on on-road pleasure and improved ride — they’re standard on most showroom-stock 4x4s. They’re capable of light off-roading, but if you want to tackle more difficult tracks, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Highway terrain tyres will have reduced gap in between tread blocks, greater siping for better grip, and a strengthening overlay in between steel belts for better ride comfort. It’s all about reduced noise, longer wear life, and enhanced riding comfort. However, they will not provide the same levels of puncture protection and traction as all terrain and Mud terrain tyres.


A tyre with the letters L/T inscribed on the side is a Light Truck tyre, which means it’s engineered to bear more weight and be much more durable. Light truck tyres offer a more severe tread pattern, improved grip, and are much more break resistant than Passenger tyres.

A Light Truck construction tyre is more durable, has so many more ply layers in the sidewall, and also is reputed for being more puncture proof.

Purchasing a Light Truck tyre guarantees that you have the finest available off-road safety. They can carry higher loads, particularly for towing, as well as in off-road circumstances, you can use lower pressures.

The Passenger tyre, however, has a place for folks who drive light and aren’t prone to significant remote-area trips. These car tyres Lincoln are indeed lighter, highly flexible, as well as provide improved ride comfort and fuel economy despite their lower load ratings and poor puncture protection.

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