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Detailed Guide to get Certificate Attestation for UAE

The United Arab Emirates carries on expanding away from their yet very lucrative oil enterprise, in the coming time; the non-petroleum zone is probable to come to be the dominant contributor to GDP.

The United Arab Emirates and the Middle East have always attracted foreigners in droves.

Because of excessive salaries and attractive bonuses and fringe benefits.



The most favored nationality for hiring in UAE is Indian, and that too for many reasons. Indians can be hired across many Industries and sectors like Engineering, Management, Healthcare, Logistics, and labor as well. A variety of Indians get job offers from UAE but then there are many formalities that you need to go through before moving to UAE. All your personal and professional documents need to go through a UAE certificate attestation in India procedure via the UAE Embassy in India to prove their legitimacy and reliability to get an entry inside the UAE.


UAE certificate attestation in India


Attestation of documents that belongs to an Indian authority, school board, universities, and companies and attestation of those documents to use them in UAE is a long and complex process. The UAE Embassy or consulate has its set procedure for Attestation of documents. The procedure of certification in India is almost the same in every state of India. You can achieve the attestation for your documents in any state of India as the Government of India has started RAC- Regional Authentication Centers for States/Union Territories in most of its states to get UAE certificate attestation in India. The procedure of attestation of documents for the UAE involves many govt. Departments of both countries. The documents have to go to various levels of document attestation in this procedure to prove their authenticity to the involving governments.


To get the certificate attestation for UAE many attestation agencies are providing their best services for certificate attestation & apostille services in Delhi UAE from the Ministry of External Affairs Delhi and the UAE Embassy. the assistance from these attestation agencies, anyone can achieve the attestation of their documents in an easy and hassle-free way. You can get attestation services in any state of India regardless of your current location. They will help you throughout the process and complete this task on your behalf timely.


UAE Certificate Attestation Services


The type of document is the main factor in the attestation process. There are 3 main categories for the documents:


Academic Documents: Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, High School certificates, Senior School certificates, and more.


An Academic documents attestation is necessary for admission to an educational institution/employment/job/work visa, business setup, changing the Resident Visa, transferring a job, and higher income.

Non-Academic/Personal documents: Birth certificates, Death certificates, Marriage certificates, Medical, and many more.


A Personal documents attestation is necessary for achieving a UAE residence visa/family visa, changing the Sponsorship, Resident Visa, designation and applying for family visa and parents, and change of visa status overseas.



Commercial documents: Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Article of Association, Invoices, and many more.


A Commercial document attestation allows you to get more contracts in the country and also facilitates business setup, Export, Import, growing credibility in the business works, and so on.



Below is the process of UAE certificate attestation in India, according to the document type:


Academic documents


  • Notarization
  • Attestation by State HRD (Human Resource Development) Department & Educational Institution of the documents
  • Legalization by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India
  • Final attestation from the UAE Embassy, India


Non-Academic/Personal documents



  • Attestation by State Home Department/SDM/GAD/RAC
  • Legalization by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India
  • Final attestation from the UAE Embassy, India


Commercial documents

  • Verification from the Chamber of Commerce (COC)
  • Legalization by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), India
  • Final attestation from the UAE Embassy, India



You can get the attestation for your documents in any state of India:


UAE attestation services in Delhi


Delhi is the country capital of India, many people look for attestation and visa services in Delhi. To achieve the attestation here you can find several attestation agencies in Delhi to get the attestation for your Delhi documents. You just need to make sure that the agency you are choosing for this task is legal and has links with the relevant departments to complete the process smoothly. 



UAE attestation services in Bangalore


Bangalore is the state capital of Karnataka, a hub of the IT Industry and a speedily growing business center in the country. All Bangalore documents requiring Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, are first needs to get attestation by the relevant government/departments of the State Governments of Bangalore. For this service, many reliable legal attestation agencies are available in Bangalore to complete this process on your behalf.


UAE attestation services in Chennai


If you searching for attestation services in Chennai to get the attestation for your Chennai originating documents. You can find various attestation agencies who can complete this task on your behalf in less time and at an affordable fee. Chennai is the state capital of Tamil Nadu State and you need to get the attestation from the state govt. first before MEA. The attestation agency can get you this service easily as they are associates of the MEA and have links inside the govt. departments to get this task complete in a minimum time.




UAE attestation services in Hyderabad


All Hyderabad documents need an attestation before using them in another country and applying for a visa. So, if you are looking for authentic Attestation services in Hyderabad, you can find many. The attestation services in Hyderabad will collect, Scrutinize to Deposit your documents and get the attestation for your documents in Hyderabad in an easy and problem-free way.



UAE attestation services in Mumbai



Mumbai is the state capital of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India. Many people go to other countries for business and Employment necessities from Mumbai. You can find several genuine attestation agencies in Mumbai. To get an attestation from the state govt. and other relevant departments for your Mumbai documents. The attestation agencies can achieve this task efficiently on your behalf swiftly and at a reasonable price.




Processing time and fees for UAE certificate attestation in India depend upon the type of documents, involved countries, and requirements of the applicant.

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