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Desert Safari in Dubai

A spectacular experience in the most luxurious city in the World! Desert Safari Dubai is simply an enchanting sight that will certainly dazzle and charm you to tears. You will certainly be enchanted by the dazzling golden sands, majestic animals roaming freely all around in the vivid desert, and the delicious buffet lunch served under the starry night sky. It has truly been a lifetime experience for me.

My love for adventure and desire to test myself never failed me and so I decided to get back to nature by taking one of the most exciting Dubai desert safari. Dubai offers a lot of adventure and fun. Hence, I decided to enjoy the best of both worlds; mountains and deserts. The experience was simply mind-blowing! I got a real sense of adventure when I went to ride on the back of a camel on one of the desert safari tours.

I have always been a fan of equestrian stuff and camels, so I was really excited to go on a desert safari with my good friend and colleague, Abu Dhabi. We were planning to go for a desert safari ride so we chose a comfortable and cozy horse riding holiday in Dubai. The cool climate made us feel quite happy. However, we were not aware of the fact that there are several other adventures and fun activities that you can enjoy when you go on a Dubai city tour. Thus, we were really amazed when we went on a desert safari.

One of the most exciting activities that we could do while on our Dubai desert safari was that of belly dance. It is one of the traditional arts of the Arab Emirates. But, before going for belly dance, we had to get a permit from the relevant authorities. We were also advised that we should wear only traditional Arab clothing. Our passports were also decorated with our photographs so that nobody could mistake us for tourists. And that was just the fun part of our desert safari.
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Besides enjoying the desert safari, we were also given an opportunity to enjoy the adventure tour in Dubai. Adventure tours in Dubai are like a combination of several other tours. So, you will never run out of things to enjoy. A lot of people think that adventure trips in Dubai are expensive but I can assure you that it is not true. It is true that we spent a little more money than other tours but you will definitely find it worth your money.

On our desert safari, we were taken to a desert palace where we enjoyed the best deals on food and drinks. In fact, our guide advised us to take a camel ride to enjoy better food and wine. He also took us to a desert camp where we could sit down with our food and drink without a care about the environment. The price of food and wine on this tour was not expensive at all.

After a delicious dinner, we were taken on a hot air balloon ride over the Arabian Desert. Riding on the hot air balloon allowed us to see the beauty of the landscape below. Dubai is made of many beautiful places and mountain peaks but the desert certainly has the most prominent feature. This place has a lot of tourist attractions including the world’s second-largest indoor ski slope. The hot air balloon gave us an opportunity to enjoy the desert view from above. Not only that, riding on hot air balloon allowed us to experience the best rides in Dubai.

On our desert safari, we had an amazing time exploring the surroundings and enjoying the view. The camel safari on Sheikh Zayed Road allowed us to visit some historically significant sites in Dubai like the Al Hamma Mosque, the Safa House, King Tajad’s House, as well as Fatehpur Sikri, The Tower of Hanging Gardens, etc. We spent an amazing early morning bash on the beach before heading towards our planned destination. We left Dubai with lots of souvenirs and friends in tow.

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